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Spitting on Quebec, acceptable in Canada

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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He said a lot to himself Things about Amir Al-Attar Some time ago. I thought about passing my turn, then no. Often times, the news is carried away from a topic and the haze fades. Let’s move on to something else. Discontent melts away from it of bearing the heat and sinks into oblivion until the next escape.

It has nothing to do with freedom of expression

This professor’s words are hateful, anti-French, racist towards the Quebec people. It’s not about freedom of expression, and those who try to get us to swallow that he has the right to express himself in this way show willful blindness.

Probably the same blindness that allowed Don Sherry to vomit Quebecers for decades without anyone judging English Canada as intolerable, even purely racist.

Spitting on Quebecers was acceptable. He had to attack the migrants before he was expelled immediately and without appeal. After all, as Attaran does, it’s okay to be racist towards “frogs” in Canada. Better yet, it scares the audience.

Do not bend the spine

The case of Amir Al-Attran may not be included in this record. We have to keep hitting the nail. Since we hit the nail on the head to get the Gomery Commission, Canada must stop disrespecting us.

A petition has been launched in the past few days, so let’s sign it in large numbers.

Amir Al-Attran collided with a wall with his attacks. Even Justin Trudeau has been forced to admit, “It’ll lead to Quebec bashing.” If the Canadian Advocate for Freedom of Expression says so, that’s serious!

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The proposal was adopted unanimously by the National Assembly in a formal gesture, while Prime Minister Legault considered this unacceptable.

With this movement in hand, we expect strong actions from the Prime Ministers of Quebec and Canada to defend the state of Quebec.

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