Sports Science and Performance | Canadian hires Adam Douglas

(Montreal) The Canadians have hired Adam Douglas as director of sports science and team performance.

Douglas previously served as the Sports Performance Director of Hockey Canada for the men’s national teams, as well as leading the women’s teams’ high performance division.

He came to replace Pierre Allard, who left his duties with Habs to become assistant coach with Red Bull in Munich, Germany.

In addition to his duties with Hockey Canada, Douglas has also been camping in the applied sports world role with Catapult Sports, primarily engaging with clients in the hockey world to ensure they maximize their use of wearable technology as well as stimulate further research and innovation of wearable technology devices in sports.

Born in Mississauga, Ont. Douglas also worked with the Ottawa Senators in 2008-09, where he was responsible for designing and supervising the individual, in- and off-season strength and conditioning programs for all team members. He also supervised the coaching and coaching of the players in the Ottawa region during the break.

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