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SPVQ wants to educate police officers about diversity

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boss Quebec City Police DepartmentOn Thursday, Denis Turcot presented his development plan aimed at improving police practices, one of whose four components is dedicated to improving the action plan in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Police forces are particularly interested in the possible unconscious biases that customers may have towards representatives of certain communities. He also wants to improve cultural skills among all his employees.

The goal of this process is to equip our police officers so that they are able to face the new face of Quebec City, the diversity that exists, and be fair to the citizens. With this fairness we will have the true inclusion we want for our citizens., explains Diversity, Equality and Inclusion consultant in Quebec City, Irina Florence Harris, who will work in collaboration with Quebec City Police Department.

The director of SPVQ, Denis Turcot, reiterated the “high level of commitment” to his police officers.

Photo: Radio Canada/Pascal Boinlin

The police force will also join the Research Chair on the Integration and Management of Diversity in Employment (CRIDE) at Université Laval. If all goes as planned, three assorted officers can join the ranks Quebec City Police Department from next year.

outside experts

Denis Turcot also announced the appointment of two external experts who will help Quebec City Police Department In the internal investigations that were opened after the spread of several videos showing the use of force by its members to restrain individuals. The addition of these two sources aims, among other things, to reassure the population and individuals Quebec City Police Department On the rigor and transparency of the process.

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One of the experts specializes in the use of force and will be appointed by the National Police Academy in Quebec.

We are an educational organization and the school exists to support all police organizations in Quebec. So I thought it was appropriate to have an expert in the use of external forceDenis Turcot said.

Plan objectives Quebec City Police Department :

  • Maintaining and improving public confidence in the police force
  • Implement exceptional measures, as part of the continuous improvement process, to end investigations and ensure follow-up
  • Improving its Action Plan for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Le plan présenté jeudi prévoit aussi la révision du mandat, des pratiques et de la composition de l’Unité du groupe de relation et d’intervention policière auprès de la population (GRIPP), dont des membres figurent sur la plupart des vidéos ayant abonécirc Online.

The Quebec City Police Department She wanted to point out that the plan to improve her practice was the result of some months of reflection rather than a response to media interventions in recent weeks. However, he is aware that recent events will speed up the implementation of some changes, particularly within Conditional and intervention group relationships with the population.

important milestone

Quebec Mayor Bruno Marchand welcomed the measures announced on Thursday Quebec City Police Department. Among other things, he praised the organization’s desire to improve its methods.

What is being done today is an important milestone. It is a police service that accepts to say: “We are able to question some of our practices. We are able to take action quickly, to do so rationally, but also with the prospect of results.” For me, it’s very positive and I think there is an interesting way forwardThe mayor commented on the sidelines of an announcement about tourism.

For her part, Public Security Minister Genevieve Gilbolt said she was reassured by the way Quebec City Police Department Quebec City is conducting investigations into the actions of some police officers.

What reassures me is to see that from the very beginning, the Quebec City Police Department and the Municipal Administration took the matter very seriously and made the necessary decisions., she replied.

Ms. Gilbolt indicated that she would like to wait for the outcome of the ongoing investigations before commenting in more detail on the plan Quebec City Police Department.

In collaboration with Kamil Carpentier and Pierre Alexandre Bolduc

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