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Square Enix Montreal launches sniper hitman: The Shadows

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Here is a new game that will delight fans of the popular Hitman Sniper series. Which he should be pleased with is the work the folks at Square Enix in Montreal have done.

is also to Montreal Publisher From our first foray into TripleA rated mobile gaming.

the game Sniper Assassin: Shadows It was launched today and is available globally on mobile platforms iOS And the robot It is rated 17+.

Square Enix Montreal

Sniper Assassin: Shadows

The beginning of a new adventure

For the main product of Sniper Assassin: ShadowsSimon Dongour, “We wanted this game to usher in a new adventure, not just a sequel. This vision gave us the freedom to go in a completely different direction, including introducing The Shadows Squad, and allowed us to design a more complex gaming experience.”

Sniper Assassin: Shadows

Square Enix Montreal

Sniper Assassin: Shadows

The game features six professional killers with unique backgrounds, play styles, characters, and skills. This diversity gives players more freedom and flexibility in how they approach each contract, as well as the game as a whole.

The statement stated that each Assassin is early in their career enough to develop their abilities, giving players the opportunity to develop into fearsome agents of the ICA.

Underground universe

Each location and each observation point provides players with more options and shooting opportunities that also vary according to the time of day.

Square Enix focused on the underground universe whose cinematic atmosphere and high level of map detail contribute to creating an immersive atmosphere for the game. With all the care in the game graphics, Square Enix hopes to become the visual reference in the shooting games category.

and multiple styles

Players are encouraged to manipulate their enemies and use their environment to get the perfect shot and are rewarded for their creativity.

  • The campaign mode allows players to learn more about their targets to better eliminate them, while honing their skills.
  • The player versus player (PvP) mode allows you to compete against other players to build your reputation. In this mode, accuracy and creativity are key to winning contracts.

If the game lives up to the high expectations promised, it will definitely be a worldwide hit.

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