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St. Louis deals with indifference

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Virginia Whitehead
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Raleigh – “There are lessons in every defeat.” Martin St-Louis had time to review the match against the Panthers before leading a rigorous snowboard workout at the PNC Arena.

Not strict in a punitive sense, but more in terms of physical involvement and fighting for the disc. Because, on Friday night, Canadian Carolina Hurricane will face another force on the track, whose success depends on constant pressure from her fast attackers.

“Defensively, we were very loose and indifferent. Florida is a team that works hard inside the blue line to keep the puck out, the head coach analyzed. It’s hard to defend against that, so you can’t be indifferent. All the little games have value. If you don’t have that situation, you will make yourself vulnerable.”

It is not because one of the squads is ranked penultimate in the general classification that there is no need to work.

“No man in this locker room doesn’t care because we are 32. We try to build a team, a concept, a culture. Since I’ve been here, I’m very happy with the direction we’re going.”

Hoffmann case

According to the official NHL game sheet, CH has only made five turnovers. It makes you wonder if the person responsible for this statistic didn’t nap during the match. Especially considering that advanced statistics company Sportlogiq counted eight, only for Mike Hoffman.

Transformations have put the team in trouble on a few occasions.

“It was not lazy or selfish flips. It was the setbacks caused by the opponent,” but made sure to point out the head coach.

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At first, for example, Hoffman was in a difficult corner to recover the disc. She pounced on the pallet and ended up way too far for him, he continued. But he was in the right place. There are games like that…”

Furthermore, during training, St-Louis took a few moments with the striker to give him some advice.

The return of Tyler Betlake

In Carolina, Tyler Petlake will return to play, and the deal-acquiring striker Tyler Toffoli has missed the last two games with an upper body injury after Ilya Lyubushkin of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

To see his black eyes, we understand that he may have suffered a broken nose.

Just like Pitlick, Ryan Poehling is back in training. However, he will not face hurricanes. Just like Jake Evans, who never finished the match against the Panthers. On Wednesday, he took his place in the stands of PNC Stadium, which in itself is good news.

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