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STALKER 2 may have resumed its development process

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Although I completely understand the situation, I felt a little sad that the development process Stalker 2 He was arrested. But it seems that Its development has resumed after stopping last March. Because of the conflict in Ukraine.

This recovery has already become known The official Discord channel of the game itself. As one of the developers, A fan responded after asking about the game development process.replied with: “Keep moving forward”.

Stalker 2 takes us to a place inspired by the Chernobyl nuclear zone.

  • The title of a first-person shooter, which contains Scheduled to be launched in December this year.. ✅
  • GSC Game World, the development studio, has decided to change the name of the game to . Stalker 2: The Heart of Chernobyl. ⭐
  • Stalker 2 It will receive multiplayer mode after its release. With a completely free community update. ✅
  • This new version will offer a unique gameplaywith all the elements of a first-person shooter and of real horror. ☠

The resumption of development for Stalker 2 is undoubtedly good news for the gaming community, because we’re eager to enjoy it (me included, of course). As for its release, I don’t know if they will delay it further due to its recent hiatus or if they will save it for next December.

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