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Star Académie: A sobering homage to Michel Louvain

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Team star Academy Think of different scenarios for the homage to Michel Louvain in his Sunday Variety Collection. We have, of course, considered inviting a few artists from among the pleiades who have collaborated with the memorial over the years, but we have finally opted for a theatrical performance without flavula, carried by the academics themselves.

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“We decided that our academics, the semi-finalists, will be the ones who will perform Michel Louvain’s songs, in a very discreet number that we will present at the beginning of the evening,” Jean-Philippe Dion told, joined on Thursday. After Noon.

Orchester Métropolitain and its captain Yannick Nézet-Séguin, who were already on site on Sunday for a segment with Lara Fabian, will participate in part. String department musicians will accompany Gregory Charles on the piano, particularly on the piano good night my Love And the A certain smile, Among other things. But no other character will appear suddenly.

Jean-Philippe Dion said, by way of illustration: “The beauty of Michel Louvain’s repertoire is that it has crossed the ages.” Even if not everyone knows all of his songs, many young people still know Michel Louvain’s songs because their parents or grandparents have listened to them. How beautiful is this posting. “

Academics shook

Jean-Philippe Dion also mentioned that among the academics, William Clotter actually collaborated with Michel Louvain on the show Major tournaments, In 2008. Each in his own way, other young talents were also shaken by his passing away.

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“William said he was the nicest artist he’d ever met. Luno was so touched. Queenie said so good night my Love It was one of his father’s favorite songs. We were all a little surprised, because the English culture is more spoken, ”the producer said.

As soon as the death of the stalker was announced on Wednesday evening, forces rose up star Academy They worked hard to concoct a painting worthy of that name in memory of Michel Louvain.

Nobody liked Michel Louvain, and we have proof of that at the moment. I find this wave of love from artists from all walks of life so beautiful. I think all TV crews should want to prepare a salute that lives up to the man he was. Very early this morning, we finished the idea to make sure everything was ready. “

Lara visited again

Display star Academy Sunday promises to be loaded, even “epic,” suggests Jean-Philippe Dion. In addition to the tribute to Michel Louvain, the performances of the three semi-finalists look promising – Jean-Philippe Dion sees a close fight – as well as the clips of Vincent Valier and Les Luang.

And of course, you won’t miss the symphonic hinge part about Lara Fabian’s cut either.

“These are the great successes of Lara Fabian, I love you to me I’m sick. Human beingsAnd the The difference, His great successes were rearranged in collaboration with Orchester Métropolitain. Jean-Philippe Dion concluded that Antoine Graton was the one to sign the arrangements with Alex McMahon and Yannick Nizet Segueen.

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diversity star Academy It’s served Sunday, 7 pm, on TVA.

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