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Star Académie: It’s the end of Maëva and Shayan

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They were all very good, but we had to decide. Two of the nominees were due to leave Star Academy on Sunday, and the ax fell in favor of Mayeva Grillett and Chien Haidari. Fortunately, our artists are leaving anxiously, satisfied with their speedy training.

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At the end of the show, Isabel Bolay announced that the audience was protecting William Clotter, and the teachers added a few minutes later by revealing that they were keeping Lunou Zucchini on the adventure. So matches were made for Maëva and Shayan, who were in danger against them.

These last two, like true professionals, take a hit with a smile and are always supportive and positive. Mayeva was keen to “give a lot of kisses” to her mother, and Cheyenne was also happy to reconnect with his family. He said, “It will be good.”

Arian Moffat even came to bid the defendants a hug and congratulations while they were conducting their interviews.

“I feel very proud of my performance, but above all I’m proud of the performance of all the candidates at risk,” Mayeva said. We are “really believers,” we screwed up the scene, and we managed … (laughs) I think I can leave with my head held high, and Xi’an too. “

Standing next to him, Cheyenne replied, “I’m proud of you too, and I’m proud of everyone, not just the candidates at risk.” Everyone was amazing. Me, departing with that song (“Somewhere We Only Know It,” by Ken), I feel I’m leaving my mark and hoping people will be able to realize how much you have to let go and let go. Enjoy the present moment … ”

Shayan, qui avait abandonné l’école avant “Star Académie”, dit avoir des compositions en banque – qu’il n’a pas voulu mettre de l’avant à “Star Académie” – et a toujours mille idées de chansons et de vidéos in the head. He plans to dedicate himself to music full time now.

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As for Mayeva, who has graduated in aesthetics since the beginning of 2021, she is not breathing anything about her projects right now, but she promises to be “heavy”!

“She wasn’t done hearing about me,” she bragged happily, feeling her “Le temps au temps” formula had delighted the crowd.

And what did Mayeva and Cheyenne learn mainly from their time on Star Academy?

“Despite the fact that it was a contest and that there was pressure, I had fun and took the time to learn, to use the tools the teachers gave us. When we go out, we tell ourselves that we are ready and that we are going to go for it,” Cheyenne explained.

“I learned that I don’t have to give myself limits regarding myself and my voice,” Maëva continued. I admired myself with the amount of information I had in the skull! I was able to grow and also learned a lot about myself and my personality, with other academics. It wasn’t easy sometimes. But knowing that we are supported and trapped in this profession is gratifying! ”

In addition to the performances of the four candidates in danger, the “Star Academy” squad on Sunday 9th of the season – only three left! – It was a scene of all emotion, with clips from Isabel Pollay, Francine Raymond and Jonathan Roy and a somewhat colorful tribute to Elton John.

Generous, Isabelle Pollay herself attached songs from her repertoire to the candidates, perched on large white blocks, to a festive mix (“Tandem” and “We Not Gonna Take It” by Jacob, to fill the void. , “A little innocence,” and “As long as love exists,” Guillaume received, the firm “admirer” of Isabel).

A true antidote to the blues, Elton John’s success set is decorated with colorful glasses, masks, and disco hats. It started with “Saturday Night” and ended with “Crocodile Rock,” with a variation of “I’m Still Standing” and “Rocket Man” (which Shayan was solid) in between.

A ray of nostalgia, we eagerly await the return of Francine Raymond, after 15 years of absence on stage. This guy was made to wait, and he reserved himself for “the love we stay,” at the end of the issue, with a chorus of academics behind him.

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While he waited, they made memories pulsate to the eternal sound of “black and white magic”, “live with your loved one”, “think of me”, “all boats make waves” and “recollected memories”. Even Arian Moffat and Patrice Michaud have been spoiled by sharing the songwriter’s trick hat – who was inducted Sunday into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame with partner guitarist Christian Beluken – by rereading the “Y’a les mots” code.

Finally, Jonathan Roy came to present his latest songs, “Keeping Me Alive” and “Lost”. Jean Lyelloub’s “I Lost My Baby” – taken from his legendary album “Le Dôme”, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2021 – is also included in “Songs of the Nation “‘s illustrious honor list.

The four songs performed by the At-Risk Candidates are available on QUB Music and on all streaming and download platforms.

William Clutter (audience choice)

William Clotter reiterated his desire to go far on his “Star Académie” adventure, largely for the sake of his family, and he sacrificed time he could have spent with his second young son when he was born in early February. , To devote himself entirely to reality TV. The audience heard his call and rescued him. With his sweetheart and his offspring at the center of his heart, the singer from Victoriaville, Sunday, chose “Comment je te dirais,” a play by Renee Wilkin written by Marc Dupre and Nelson Menville, which he dedicated to his private property. Her performance, in a flawless voice, sounded like a cry from the heart, and William himself seemed shaken by the time the song ended, as did Lara Fabian. “Sometimes there are pivotal moments when you have to manage and meet skills and sensitivity.” The director said, “I did it tonight.” William promised viewers that he would invite them to roast big corn once the pandemic is over, to celebrate!

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Luno zucchini (masters’ choice)

Lunou was not lacking in strength in Adele’s “Million Years Ago.” The teachers realized her talent for protecting her, as soon as William escaped by the crowd. The academician in Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu seemed calm, an academician in Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu seemed calm, and he seemed very focused, in her smile as in her impeccable vocal journeys, in front of a white flower emitting small flakes of luminousness . Among the audience, her mother, Los Duvault, had a hard time hiding her feelings. “There was tension, emotion, control and urgency … Mission accomplished!” Gregory Charles decreed after performing Luno.

Mayeva Grillet (expelled)

Unfortunately, Maëva had to pack. However, anyway her formula “Le temps au temps”, which she relied on on Sunday, has everything to become a wireless earworm. The 20-year-old shone by moving subtly, in both sexy and relaxing moves. The elegant style definitely goes well with the one who made the teachers dance in their stands and were also charmed and entertained with the melody. “I can’t wait to buy tickets for this show!” Lara, who has announced her desire to pursue Ma Careerva’s career, said with interest.

Cheyenne Heydari (expelled)

After being compromised for the second week in a row, Cheyenne performed Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” on the piano, then stood with arms wide open as an ode to the crowd. Aryan Moffat, a thoroughbred theatrical animal, genuinely stunned, noticed Cheyenne has been more vulnerable recently, given his uncertain status in adventure. The professor of musical creativity added: “I used this vulnerability to enrich what you have to offer.” Sadly, the competition was what it was, Cheyenne had to let go of his buddies.

Jacob Robberg – 22 years old – Levis

Guillaume Lavond – 25 years old – Richelieu

Rosalie Ayot – 20 years old – Saint-Tete

Queenie Clement, 29 years old – Montreal

William Clotter – 25 – Victoriaville

Lunou Zucchini – 25 years old – Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu

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