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“Star Academy”: the COVID case in the academy

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A participant in the “Star Académie” program has been declared positive for COVID-19 in the past few days. Eloi Cummings, facing danger in front of Variety on Sunday, was immediately placed in solitary confinement in a room at the Waterloo mansion.

Producer Jean-Philippe Dion gave a status update with QMI on Saturday.

Towards the end of the week, Eloi Cummings warned the producer that he appeared to have symptoms of COVID-19. In this case, the production protocol is clear, it was immediately tested and the result was positive.

Jean-Philippe Dion said over the phone: “He was immediately put into isolation in a room. We are fortunate to have several rooms in the Academy, which also have their own bathroom. Since then he has been isolated in this room where he also takes his meals. There is no Something alarming, don’t worry. He just has a cold.”

Little Madelenot’s case is similar to what is currently happening in Quebecers, who are facing a sudden rise in COVID-19 cases, in particular due to the prevalence of the BA.2 variant.

It is clear that Eloi will not be able to participate in Variety this Sunday, but since he is one of the three academics at risk, a replacement has been found.

“Since his health allows him, he will sing live from the academy on Sunday evening, according to the producer. We are setting up a small studio in the classroom. On one side he will have a theater in which he interprets his song, and on the other, a space where he can attend Variété. He will be Able to exchange with the group directly to give his news.Does not change the elimination of the week.

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The other six academics were tested daily, all negative. The teachers are also in good shape and have no symptoms.

“Eloi had never had COVID before, unlike others. The producer insisted that they all be adequately vaccinated anyway,” adding that since the start of the season, the health protocol required by the Committee on Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work (CNESST) has always been respected. ), both at the Academy and in the MELS studios.

In the event Eloi departs “Star Académie” at the end of Sunday evening, there is a plan planned as well. He will then conduct the daily interviews by zoom or by phone, on Monday, from his room at the Academy. He will then leave Waterloo Palace, once his isolation period is over, in accordance with public health standards.

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