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Statement from the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, The Honorable Jonathan Wilkinson

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from : Environment and Climate Change Canada

Gatineau, Quality Control, May 30, 2021 / CNW / – Advertising

“We Canadians are a people who love nature.

Environment Canada Week highlights the actions we take to protect and conserve our environment. This year, it will take place from May 30 to June 5.

“This week is the time to realize that while the world today faces a dual crisis, biodiversity loss and climate change, it is also a tremendous opportunity for Canadians to see the benefits of a rapid transition to nature – a carbon-neutral future.

“The theme of this year’s environment week is“ Restoring the ecosystem, ”and this week ends with UN World Environment Day at the end of next week. A year of pandemic closures have made us realize how much we all want to bring nature back into our lives. Collectively, we all have the power. To protect nature more to keep it safe, and to restore what has already been damaged.

“Canadians of all ages can celebrate and protect North American ecosystems CanadaWhile respecting removal procedures and public health directives. They can join us Social media Using the hashtag #SemaineEnviro to tell us what they’re doing to conserve their environment, or visit our site Website For tips and information on how to restore ecosystems, celebrate the environment, and involve children in fun activities.

“Canadian Environment Week is also an opportunity to celebrate Clean Air Day at Canada, On June 2, and to understand the importance of good air quality to health, the environment and the economy.

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“By working together to protect the environment and our ecosystems, we can ensure a stable climate, fresh air and positive experiences in nature for everyone.

“Happy Canadian Environment Week for all Canadians. This summer, enjoy nature in complete safety! “

Source Environment and Climate Change Canada

For more information: Contacts, Moira Kelly, Press Secretary, Office of the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, 819-271-6218, [email protected]; Media Relations, Environment and Climate Change in Canada, 819-938-3338 or 1-844-836-7799 (toll-free), [email protected]

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