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Les # Édubrèves – the week of May 30, 2021

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Again this week, the subsidiary school team brings you some discoveries that will make the end of the school year even more enjoyable. Read your #Edubrèves while allowing yourself a few minutes of relaxation.

Please note that the use of animated GIFs in this short news summary is for entertainment purposes only!

To end the year on a high note!

There are only five CréaCamp Découverte left to put on your agenda before the end of the school year, including one free! Great opportunities for learning and networking.

And finally, on June 9 at 7:30 PM, in regards to popular testimony: Check out the box to rate differently

Alloprof helps students finish the year

Alloprof released about 40 Mini recups. These are less than 30-minute recovery videos that downplay key concepts by summarizing them in a dynamic, fun, and interactive way for high school students. They deal with the subjects that pose the most difficulties for students among the basic skills.

Caregivers at school were rewarded

At the Quebec Intergenerational Weekend, which took place from 23 to 28 May 2021, a Won an award for “transmission activity” Thanks to the remote assistance service, as part of a regional competition launched by Intergénérations Québec. Given the impacts of the pandemic on schools in Quebec, the movement has adapted its provision of volunteer services by implementing a new form of volunteering remotely.

(Re) Read an article from École Branchée introducing the organization.

Better understanding of the summer slide

Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard the phrase “summer slide” repeatedly. Refers to the fact that pupils forget a part of the learning achieved in school during the summer. Montreal A. Success Network prepared Topic file on this topic.

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Wanted (Montreal)

Steps are underway to open the Montreal branch from Canadian Association of Girls in Science With support from the agency’s national office. The team is looking for people who can sometimes lead science activities (the idea is to bring young girls together with scientists from all walks of life during the school year):
– 1 event per month (hypothetical then possibly in attendance)
Facilitators (Masters, PhD students, and commerce programs);
Activity assistants (often CEGEP or college students).
For more information: [email protected]

To hear

  • Can we learn to focus (better)? : French Culture presents a podcast on the topic of focus. Knowing the mechanisms of attention and focus can help pupils and students, but also – and this is important – teachers and parents to better tame them.

In conclusion … are you in “small parties” mode?

see you soon! Until then, feel free to “tag us” (in good French …) on Twitter (millaudrey or riomarti) so we can talk about your project / supplier in a future review of the week! I wish you a nice weekend!

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