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Steve Wozniak announces the creation of his own space company

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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has joined a select group of wealthy space business owners. Woz revealed a little about his space company, and to be more precise, we just know that the company will be called Privateer, or “privateer,” in a free translation.

Wozniak himself was announced via his Twitter account. The company has been described as a “private space company, unlike other companies.” The tweet included a link to an encrypted YouTube video that ends with: “The sky is no longer the limit.”

In the days of great navigation, pirates were almost like pirates, but with kingdom powers to attack and loot ships. However, despite the name, the space company Woz will not steal the technology from Blue Origin or SpaceX with government permission.

In fact, the video conveys a message that can easily be understood as an invitation to collaborate. One epic story says that space exploration is not a race, a competition, or a game, because we are not a person, company, or nation, but a planet.

However, part of the advertisement may solve the mystery. The video notes that Privateer Space is “working to keep space safe and available for all of humanity”. This could mean the company can focus on military technology to protect assets in space.

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However, given Steve Wozniak’s business background, it would be a bit odd for the charismatic Apple co-founder to invest in a space company. The entrepreneur is a notorious enthusiast of environmental initiatives and open software publishers.

In 2020, Woz launched a company called Efforce, which aims to raise money for environmentally friendly projects. Therefore, it could also be a company that focuses on space tourism, but uses alternatives with lower carbon emissions.

However, some secrets will be revealed on Tuesday (14) at the Maui Advanced Space and Optical Surveillance Technologies (Amos) conference, which will be held in Maui, Hawaii.

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