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Storm Franklin hits France 48 hours after Eunice

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(Lille) Northern France faced the storm on Sunday evening FranklinAfter two days of passingEunicecausing severe damage and leaving about 12,000 homes without electricity.

Posted yesterday at 4:18pm.

Once again, categorized at orange vigil with strong winds until Monday 1 a.m., the North, Pas-de-Calais, Somme and Seine-Maritime “are exposed to a new storm episode that is spreading quickly, less severe than the last storm EuniceHowever, it requires special vigilance,” according to Météo-France.

This new storm, called Franklin By the Irish Meteorological Service, it has been marked by west-to-east movement of a “narrow but intense band of rain”, accompanied by storms that can “reach 100 to 120 km/h and locally exceed 130 km/h and strong waves on the Channel Coast.”

Winds were expected to remain strong in the second part of the night “with coastal gusts of 90 to 110 km/h, very locally more than 120 km/h”.

Franklin It hits departments where trees and infrastructure were already weakened on Friday afternoon by Storm Eunice, accompanied by very violent storms, even indoors.

Despite the efforts of Enedis, which mobilized “more than 1,000 technicians and partner companies,” about 12,000 customers still could not supply them with electricity in Hauts-de-France at the end of Sunday, out of 170,000 customers affected at the height of Storm Eunice.

Technicians are working in “difficult conditions”, with trees lying on the railway preventing good circulation, and the arrival of a new storm Sunday evening “to slow down renovations in progress”, at the risk of new damage to the electrical grid, the operator asserts.

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