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Environment Canada and Transports Quebec predict challenging journeys

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Environment Canada is issuing storm warnings to several North Shore Immigrant Resource Centers tomorrow and Wednesday. Transports Québec adds that travel will be difficult on the road network, even if teams are working to secure it.

Between 25 and 35 cm of snow is expected by Wednesday morning from Tadoussac to Havre-Saint-Pierre. Natashquan waits about 20 cm. South of the river, the storm can take the form of freezing rain overnight from Tuesday through Wednesday.

The Department of Transportation strongly recommends that road users review their trips on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Heavy snowfall is expected, accompanied by strong winds followed by bouts of freezing rain or extreme hail in some RCMs. Several expressways will be affected.

De-icing teams responsible for maintenance and de-icing operations will adapt according to the nature and intensity of precipitation, all using de-icing or abrasives. Road users are urged to exercise extreme caution. The State Department reminds them of the importance of knowing the condition of the roads on the various Quebec 511 platforms.

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