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The European Parliament waives the immunity of the Catalan independent Boydemont

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The lifting of the immunity of Carles Puigdemont was approved by 400 voters to 248, and 45 abstentions at the end of a secret ballot vote that opened Monday evening, as determined by Parliament.

The voting results of the other elected officials, Tony Comin and Carla Ponsatti, were similar.

The vote on our immunity isn’t just about the three of us, Clara Bonsati and Tony Comin [eurodéputés indépendantistes] I am as individuals. Today’s vote is about the values ​​we stand for, our idea of ​​democracy and the future we want to build in EuropeSaid Carles Puigdemont on Monday in a message on his Twitter account.

However, the former president of Catalonia did not have many illusions. The European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee in February gave the green light for this uplift, and the three main groups – the Popular Party (right – 175 elected), Socialist (145 elected) and Renaissance (Liberals – 97 elected) – gave instructions Monday to vote for the raise. They totaled 417 deputies out of 705, while a simple majority was required.

Mr. Boydemont and his alumni were elected to the European Parliament in May 2019 Ministers Tony Comin and Clara Ponsatti are being prosecuted in Spain for organizing a banned independence referendum in Catalonia in 2017.

The lifting of their immunity paves the way for a new examination by the Belgian courts of extradition requests issued by Spain against M. Puigdemont and Comin, have been installed in Belgium since 2017 to escape Spanish prosecution.

For Ms. Ponsati, the judicial authorities in Scotland, where she was living, have also suspended this examination, pending the decision of MEPs.

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However, the recent decision of Belgian justice has reassuring separatists. In January, the Brussels Court of Appeal refused to implement a European arrest warrant targeting another pro-independence former regional minister, Louis Puig, highlighting The risk of a serious violation for him The right to a fair trial In Spain.

The three deputies are being tried on charges Strife And in the case of MM. Puigdemont and Comin accusation has been added Misappropriation of public funds.

They deplored Political nature Actions against them and declared their intention to file a case with the European Union Court of Justice. They believe that the Spanish Supreme Court does not have jurisdiction over such a request.

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