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The failed soufflé has so disappointed so many amateur chefs that they inspired an expression in French. On its website, the British Scientific Weekly new world He offers a banana soufflé recipe and some tips to make sure of it.

Soufflé is known for being a tough-to-cook dish, but it’s far from that. In fact, as long as there are enough air bubbles in the dough, physics takes care of the rest and the souffle always expands under the heat.

It is a manifestation of Charles’ Law, named after French physicist Jacques Charles [1746-1823]who was also one of the pioneers of airship flight. According to this law, the volume of a gas is always proportional to its temperature, which is why the bubbles of the blower expand under the influence of heat. However, this process only contributes about 25% to puffing: the heat also causes the water in the dough to evaporate, increasing the amount of gas in the bubbles.

Thanks to these two phenomena, the souffle will almost certainly rise, and the higher the temperature, the faster and more exciting the rise. The flip side – and many home cooks’ worst nightmare – is that souffle


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