Sudbury theater companies formalize partnership

Programming in particular will include three plays, at least three concerts, eight musicals (which is the specialty of YES theater) and at least three new creations.

Partnership is a trial season to see How can a possible merger be expressed?explains John Dow, co-chair of the board of directors of Saudi Telecom Company.

We have to do our due diligence to make sure this is the right solution. »

Quote from John Dow, Co-Chair of the Board of Sudbury Theater Center

Alessandro Costantini, Acting Technical Director of Saudi Telecom CompanyWe are confident that the partnership will increase opportunities for artists and audiences alike.

The Sudbury Theater Center exists to entertain, educate, enlighten, engage and energize audiences by creating and presenting local, national and international theater productions.He remembers.

YES Theater has a mission to create citizen artistsMr. Costantini added.

We believe these two missions can be respected and maintained as we enter a new season. »

Quote from Alessandro Costantini, Acting Artistic Director, Sudbury Theater Center

While he mainly contributed to YES Theater, acting artistic director of Saudi Telecom Company He claims to have a deep connection to the building. Here in this room I made my professional beginnings.

Alessandro Costantini starred in a production of Sudbury Bed and Breakfast, presented by YES Theatre.

Photo: Robert Profincher

Mr. Dow says the status quo is unsustainable, particularly with an aging public.

In 2010, Saudi Telecom Company It received almost 30 thousand spectators a year.

That number has declined over the decade, reaching 10,000 spectators in 2019.

This year, while the theater was able to gradually resume work with the lifting of health measures, Saudi Telecom Company It drew four times fewer viewers than it did in 2019.

John Dow adds that the . file Saudi Telecom Company Funding has been lost in recent years because it has not adequately met donor criteria.

We need to find a way to take theater and expand it, do more things with more people, and re-amplify that in our society, because art really matters. I don’t think we’ve done that in the past as we could have, and that has led to cutbacks in our funding.

Affinity between the English-speaking artistic community

John Dow confirms that the . file Saudi Telecom Company He was contacted by other groups wishing to use his building. We realized we had an untapped asset.

It makes sense to collaborate with other people so that the building is also their home base. »

Quote from John Dow, Co-Chair of the Board of Sudbury Theater Center

Derek Young, former president of Cambrian Theater and Sudbury Arts Council, believes the partnership signals the renewal of the Sudbury arts community. What I see here today is a convergence of the English-speaking artistic community.

When we look at what our friends have accomplished at the Place des Arts, not far from here, it was possible because the Francophone community worked together.he is referring to.

I think it’s good for Saudi Telecom Company Partnership contract with YES Theatre, a young company. It’s relevant, it’s modernMr. Young adds.

Questions are still open

The partnership, which was officially announced on Wednesday, has caused a lot of ink to flow in recent weeks.

Some members of the technical community believe that the two companies should remain independent.

Frans Howe, a professional artist from Sudbury, was among those with several questions.

I got some answers to my questionscaptured after the announcement.

She thinks starting with trial season logical thing.

Ms. Huot notes, however, that the management Saudi Telecom Company He did not clearly provide the financial projections for the maintenance of the building and the salaries of the technical staff.

it’s a lot [de productions] Which we’re proposing until next December and I’m wondering about funding. If there is a shortage, how will we produce all these beautiful things we have in mind. »

Quote from France Hoo, actress

It’s a little clearer, but it’s still vague in my headMs. Hoot continues. I think it’s a great idea, a great vision, but that’s how we were able to make it happen.

Linda Squires, a theater fan who has attended productions for both companies, also attended the press conference.

She says she was fascinated by the partnership and how it was created. I have heard a lot of conflicting information regarding the merger.

Ms. Squires says the financial challenges were well explained at the press conference.

They removed the worry and concern about the partnershipshe believes. I am very excited about programming.

She is optimistic about the financial future, but acknowledges that the rising cost of living is having a negative impact on arts and culture, two of the highest expenses cut.

Fingers crossed and we hope people support the arts. »

Quote from Linda Squires, Sudbury resident

Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors Saudi Telecom Company Comment on recent concerns from the theater community. Judging by what was said, there was a concern that there was no professional theatre.

I think we showed today that we will bring more professional artists to the cityconcludes Mr. Dow.

Artists Remuneration

One important question for this partnership is how the companies will reward the artists.

The Saudi Telecom Company He is a member of The Professional Association of Canadian TheatresIt is usually produced largely by union artists.

For its part, YES Theater operates in a hybrid fashion, with productions including some members of the EQUITY Theater Consortium and several Citizen artists.

According to what was presented at the press conference, priority will be given to the YES theatrical model with the participation of many Citizen artists.

Artist fee forecast

Previous season for STC

Previous season YES Theater

Next joint season

Total Artist Fee




Number of union artists




Number of citizen artists




number of musicians



Medium fee

2805 dollars | $3,962



This approach particularly appeals to Janie Benard, co-founder of YES Theatre, who is not a member of the consortium.

with both [groupes] Together, I think he creates magic on stage, and then we get paid well. We all get paid well, which to me is like a dream. »

Quote from Janie Benard, co-founder of YES Theatre

According to the schedule presented on Wednesday, the number of union artists will be higher than the number of union artists last season Saudi Telecom CompanyAs well as wages.

With information from Sarah Macmillan and Danielle Oppen of CBC

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