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Conservatives reserve the right to vote of confidence in their leader

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The Conservative Party leader, who does not hide his desire for a second chance, has himself said that he supports such a scenario, which was authorized by a law adopted in 2014.

Le feu vert donné par les conservateurs à ce mécanisme, qui était anticipé, ne signifie cependant pas que M. O’Toole sera assurément soumis à un vote de confiance de ses collègues, mais les donserves les pouvoirrens condentures ques possible cé suré sonsé céur in every moment.

As he did in the morning, the Conservative Party leader, who has led the party since August 2020, was convinced at a press conference that he could maintain the confidence of the majority of his party members.

refused to see a The sword of Damocles, male a Mutual respect process.

When asked about the optimism he displayed to survive his electoral defeat, when his predecessor Andrew Scheer threw in the towel, he argued that this It wasn’t completely comparable.

And since Mr. Trudeau has already been caught lying in the first 10 days after the election, we need to be prepared to get more votes in the next election. I will work tirelessly to achieve this goal.

Quote from:Erin O’Toole, Leader of the Canadian Conservative Party

Our constituency is united, and we are ready to get back to work. […] This is to ensure that we are united as a group and that we are focused on fighting for Canadians., He said.

He noted that he himself voted for the 2014 law and supported the vote on the leadership of his predecessors Stephen Harper and then Andrew Scheer, after their defeat in the 2015 and 2019 elections.

If the caucus does not attempt to force Mr O’Toole to leave Mr. O’Toole, Conservative supporters will be able to vote themselves at the next party convention, but the latter should not be held before 2023. With the Trudeau government in the minority, Canadian voters may have been called back to polls by then.

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evoke Period [parlementaire] Busy, Tory leader also promised to put The interests of Canadian families come first Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held attribution of its decisions.

According to the law passed by deputies seven years ago, all parliamentary blocs must decide the various rules that will govern their electoral conferences until the next elections. In short, it is a question of whether these decisions should be made by the leader or by assembly.

Members of Parliament must adopt procedures for the expulsion and readmission of a Member of Parliament, the election and removal of the party group leader, the leadership review, and the election of a temporary leader.

In the latter case, at least 20% of the bloc’s members must formally request a leadership review to force the vote. If this threshold is reached, the fate of the leader is decided by secret ballot.

Assuming the Conservatives go ahead with a confidence vote, Mr O’Toole would need a simple majority to stay in office. If he does not obtain this majority, the party will appoint a temporary leader and begin the process of appointing a permanent successor to Mr. O’Toole.

Autopsy campaign

James Cumming (pictured) had his Edmonton Center seat stolen by liberal Randy Poissonault.

Photo: Radio Canada / Francois Joly

Erin O’Toole also announced the establishment of a committee that will conduct a during the examination Defeat of Conservative forces in the September 20 elections, with a mandate to assess both the strengths and weaknesses of the conservative national campaign.

The refocusing imposed on his party, which did not give the expected results, will most likely be part of the results. As has been emphasized at length since the election, this strategy made some people happy in the east of the country, but disappointed others, especially in the western provinces.

As a leader, I am responsible for what we have accomplished. I am also responsible for our failures in our plan for Canadians. I take this responsibility very seriously.

Quote from:Erin O’Toole, Leader of the Canadian Conservative Party

He said to himself Determined to review every element of our campaignAdding that he and his family were too We are ready for the next chapter of our party and our struggle for the homeland.

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Mr O’Toole said the review committee chair will be given to defeat Rep. James Cumming of the Edmonton Center, who will be supported by an unidentified Quebecer. it will be thus, reassured the conservative leader.

According to our sources, former Quebec political lieutenant Stephen Harper, Christian Paradis, and former MP for Mégantic-L’Érable, will act as Mr Cumming’s right-hand man.

O’Toole said the commission was expected to present its findings before the end of the year.

We’re all disappointed, first, but we have to make sure we build on the gains we’ve made, and see what we’ve missed.He said in the morning.

“The man for the job”

The few details MPs provided upon exiting the caucus indicated a less stormy meeting than it was in 2019 when Andrew Scheer was leader.

It was very different. In 2019, it was even fiercer. While there is disappointment, defeat, but at the same time we look to correct what needs to be corrected, and the next step will be the right one., said Charlesbourg, MP for Upper Saint Charles, Pierre Paul Hoss.

Honestly, things went well. People said what they should say. It’s an exercise I lived through in 2015, I lived through in 2019, and I feel like people want to work together, work together, added his colleague Alan Reese, MP for Richmond-Arthabasca.

When they arrived for the meeting, nearly all of the Conservative MPs who spoke about their leader’s leadership expressed their desire for Mr O’Toole to remain in place for the upcoming elections.

For me, the choice is very clear. Erin O’Toole is the man for the job. He will remain a leader and will lead us to victory from the next electionssaid Gerard Deltel, who was the party leader in the House when the House was dissolved.

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Like Mr. O’Toole himself, he argued that the party had increased its support in regions such as Quebec and the Atlantic provinces, which bodes well for upcoming elections.

Michael Chung made the same argument. Is this enough? not clear. But in about twenty clearances, a difference of one percentage point would have us winning.

Members of Parliament Dominic Wien, Luke Berthold and Michelle Rimple Garner also publicly supported Erin O’Toole.

Member of Parliament from Alberta, Shanna Stubbs, is one of the few who refused to do the same among those who answered reporters’ questions.

according to Globe and MailShe did not speak in favor of a hasty departure for the Conservative leader, but she did appeal to the party to hold its next conference within six months in order to allow members to vote.

Ms. Stubbs made no secret that she was unhappy with the loss of three of her Alberta colleagues. She also said that the hoped-for progress in the greater Toronto area was not achieved and defeats were recorded in the Vancouver area.

The hoped-for gains in Quebec also did not materialize.

With Erin O’Toole at the helm, Canada’s Conservative Party won 119 out of 338 seats, two fewer than the 2019 federal election with Andrew Scheer.

The latter had resigned as leader less than two months after he failed to overthrow Trudeau’s government. Mr. Scheer is said to have chosen to withdraw after seeing that he would not get a good result in the vote on his leadership that was due to take place in April.

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