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Summer vacations: regions popular with Quebecers

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Nearly one in two Quebecers plans to spend their summer vacation in one of the province’s areas, including Quebec City, according to a CAA-Quebec survey.

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Quebec City will be in the vacation plans of many Quebecers, according to a CAA-Quebec survey.

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Quebec City will be in the vacation plans of many Quebecers, according to a CAA-Quebec survey.

Not surprisingly, the cost of gas is no stranger to this trend, with 43% of Quebec vacationers saying it will have an impact on their vacation planning. However, according to the organization, this effect remains marginal.

“Of those 43%, 37% said they would go a lot less and 11% chose to stay home. When we limit that to all vacationers, that’s why we’re talking about a marginal effect, says Nicholas Ryan, a spokesperson for CAA-Quebec. Because maybe 10 or 15% of people will go fewer distances, but they will keep traveling.

The main changes observed in relation to the cost of petrol are the distance of roads, travel once at the destination or spending on food and entertainment.

The return of the United States

Also according to CAA-Quebec, nearly 11% of respondents indicated that they plan to visit another Canadian province and that 10% of travelers will go to the United States this summer, numbers comparable to data from before the pandemic. But year after year, Quebec remains the main destination for Quebecers, according to the organization.

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“During the pandemic, it rose even more. Before the pandemic, it was between 35 and 45% of Quebec’s population [qui prévoyaient rester dans la province pour les vacances] Mr. Ryan adds.

At Destination Québec cité, we are delighted with this continued popularity, especially two years after the pandemic. “We are expecting a better summer. Activity resumes, festivals, fireworks, in short, animation resume,” confirms Eric Bilodeau, spokesperson.

Staff concerns

However, this joy is accompanied by a certain anxiety associated with a lack of employment. Will hotels open at 100%? Some yes, some no,” explains Mr Bilodo.

The president and general manager of Hôtellerie Québec, Véronyque Tremblay, is also pleased with Quebec’s popularity, but he shares the same concerns.

“We are expecting a good summer, but the problem is the shortage of manpower, which is between 10 and 25% depending on the location,” identifies MI Tremblay added that the hotel sector is looking for 8,000 workers in Quebec.

Popular holiday destinations in Quebec

  • Gaspesi (21%)
  • Charlevoix (17%)
  • Quebec (14%)
  • Laurentians (14%)
  • Lower Lawrence (14%)

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