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Summit on the economy of the Francophone minority this fall

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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The idea of ​​organizing such a summit appeared even before the outbreak of the epidemic. But we had to wait for the right moment and the possibility of holding an event in person. It was necessary for us to allow communication.

What are the main issues that will be addressed?

Issues related to employability, immigration, work needs, and early childhood. These are all very hot topics right now in the news. Requires special analysis glasses.

Concretely, entrepreneurs’ access to capital remains a primary problem compared to our English-speaking colleagues. In the French-speaking world, it’s a bit more complicated. There are specific programs, but access to them is still limited. How can we find innovative solutions that take into account the privacy of Francophone entrepreneurs?

At the moment, we are conducting a intensive study On the situation of Francophone entrepreneurship in the case of minorities, which we plan to present at the summit. It’s time for a major update, as the economic context has changed dramatically over the past decade.

We are also conducting a study on the Francophone workforce in the case of minorities and issues related to the shortage to be filled, in collaboration with the Association of Canadian Francophone Colleges and Universities (ACUFC), the Federation of Francophone and Akkadian Communities (FCFA) from Canada and DPM أبحاث Research.

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