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[Sur vos écrans] Appearances and Disappearances

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Right, wrong, and ambiguity…

The title of the documentary by Melissa and Aurelien Offner inevitably reminds us of those television productions from another era where we gave at times unbelievable accounts of unidentified flying object sightings and encounters of the third kind. However, the investigation of the French-Colombian couple, which begins with the woman’s personal quest to understand the origin of the strange lights she noticed near her house, turns out to be quite serious and downright fascinating about what is now called “unexplainable atmospheric phenomena”.

While researching the Four Corners of Canada, the couple, of course, give the floor to some of the witnesses to these apparitions, some of whom sincerely believe that “aliens” often visit us. But above all, when they handed the microphone to professional journalists, military experts, and scientists, including astrophysicist Robert Lamontani and astronaut David Saint-Jacques, his “quest for truth” turned out to be intriguing.

These testimonies and reflections about our universe and about these famous, unidentified flying objects, which in the vast majority of cases (90 to 95%) we end up being ‘recognised’, take into account the ‘unique’ character of terrestrial life as the possibility that we are not the life form” Consciousness” is the only one in this breadth. We get out of it without a definitive answer, but we are much more informed about this vast topic.

UFO . file
Radio Canada, Saturday, 10:30 p.m. and on

The last right whale

Atlantic right whales, on the verge of extinction, have been the subject of two recent Canadian documentaries: The last right whalereleased in February, and this movie by Julian Robeshude (Prince of Acadia). at The last song of the whalethe director from Shediac presents a very personal film about the rapid disappearance of these marine mammals (only 350 are left in the Canadian Atlantic), where he goes to interview those involved in its conservation (the many scientists and daredevil “rescuers”) and those who are seen as They are their enemies, and the hunters, many of whom make persistent and sincere efforts to avoid harming them.

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Robicaud is interested in solutions developed to prevent these ocean giants from getting caught up in fishermen’s ropes or colliding with cargo ships. He soon realizes the limitations of these initiatives and other reasons for the loss of these mammals, such as the fact that they no longer always recur in the same areas and that their natural habitats, including the Bay of Fundy, are no longer sufficient to feed them. The observation this picture draws of the battle fought for the survival of right whales is certainly not very optimistic, but it nonetheless offers some reasons for hope. a little…

The last song of the whale
Unis, Monday, 9 p.m. and at

The longest kidnapping

The 1977 kidnapping of Charles Marion, a credit manager for a credit union in Sherbrooke who was held in an underground bunker in horrific conditions for 82 days, the longest in Canadian criminal history, is covered in crime documentary series, such as thieves in history. But this time it is the subject of an entire documentary series, 82 days. Charles Marion casepublished on the sidelines of the launch of a book of the same name (published by Éditions de l’Homme) by the victim’s son, Pierre Marion, who looks at the underside of the case.

Due to its exceptional length, the case received significant media coverage. It also provides good material for the series, due to its police investigations into the disputed methods, but also due to the questioning of the innocence of the victim and his relatives even before the courts. Charles Marion will never fully recover from the consequences of this terrible detention. He ended his life in the same place where he was kidnapped, in his cottage in the eastern suburbs.

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The six-episode series, directed by François Gingras (Guide), alternate dramatic reconstructions. Starring Roc Laforton as the victim, he draws on the media archive at the time and the trust of Marion’s family and witnesses to this dark case – including journalist Claude Pourier, who has been asked to play the negotiator – to tell this strange and sinister true story, which would also To be an excellent imagination. Unbelievable, yet…

82 Days The Charles Marion Affair
True, from March 22

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