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Sylvain Gaudreau will not seek a new mandate at Junquiere

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The person who has represented horse riding since 2007 revealed his intentions at a press conference Tuesday morning in Jonquière.

Sylvain Gudriault asserts that the weight of everyday life is beginning to do its job. I now feel that the spark for all these battles in Parliament and here in the region has slowly been extinguished. The reality of political work every day weighs more and more on my shoulders. Before it gets too heavy, I’d rather give up my place for someone elseHe says.

I will continue to want to change the world, but in a different way. »

Quote from Sylvain Jodrault, Member of Parliament for Jonquière

The deputy ensures that he will remain in office until the end of his term, in the fall. After that, he does not know what the future holds for him. He remains a permanent employee of the Cégep de Jonquière, where he taught art and media technology prior to his election. He says he is currently not interested in entering municipal politics.

Sylvain Gaudreau was first elected 15 years ago.

Photo: Radio Canada / Luis Martineau

One thing is for sure, he would like to devote more time to writing. He states that he loved his writing experience, which led to the publication of his first book in 2021, Pragmatic, when the climate dictates political action.

Despite his exit from active politics, he maintains that the Parti Québécois party retains its full confidence and maintains its convictions.

I am convinced that we will achieve the independence of Quebec. »

Quote from Sylvain Jodrault, Member of Parliament for Jonquière

long experience

Sylvain Goudreau served as Minister of Transport and Municipal Affairs in the Pauline Marois government between 2012 and 2014. He also finished second, behind Paul Saint-Pierre of Balamundon, in the last Partie Quebecoa driving race in 2020. He also stresses that this heartbreaking defeat is painful, but not from the origin of his decision.

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Juncker’s MNA holds several positions within the Third Opposition Group in the National Assembly. He is particularly responsible for files relating to the environment, energy and labor, as well as those relating to the Treasury Board.

Many disappointed voters

Sylvain Gaudreau’s upcoming departure provokes numerous reactions, starting with that of his constituents. Many make no secret of their disappointment at the loss of their deputy over the past fifteen years.

He took care of everything, took a lot of his time and did not calculate. »

Quote from Elector of Jonquière

Its wide availability is welcomed by many citizens. Some do not hesitate to put forward their own hypotheses about his decision. Mr. Goudreau is a reasonable man. He chooses his battles. I think he has other plans for another careerindicates that a citizen of the circle met at random.

I’m disappointed, I liked it so much, another mentions. He worked hard and never gave up. It may be because Party Quebecoa There are no great leaders yet, I don’t know.

Sylvain Goudreau standing in the National Assembly.

Representative Sylvain Goudreau during an intervention in the National Assembly.

Photo: Radio Canada

Many political reactions

Parti Québécois leader, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, thanked Sylvain Goudreau for the work he accomplished, particularly in prioritizing Party Quebecoa In terms of the environment. As an MNA, Sylvain has excelled through his integrity, his dedication to serving the citizens of Jonquière, and his constant struggle to create a fairer, greener and, above all, independent Quebec.He said in a statement.

Reactions in the political class are also proliferating. Alliance Avenir Québec (CAQ) member of Chicoutimi and Minister of Municipal Affairs, André Laforest, has only good words for her opponent.

We’ve worked on several projects together, that’s important. Take part in the Jonquière ride. I congratulate him on 15 years in politics, it’s huge years, and I wish him well for the future. »

Quote from André Laforest, Minister of Municipal Affairs

Saguenay Mayor Julie Dufour also confirmed on Tuesday Sylvain Guderault’s commitment to riding it.

He was really a very presentable deputy. I had so much fun working with Mr. Goudreau. […] As mayor, he has always helped me, as well as his fellow countrymen. Fifteen years of political life is nothing. I thank him for giving us 15 collective years. »

Quote from Julie Dufour, Mayor of Saguenay

President Party Quebecoa In this ride, Andre Brassard-Opin needs a little time to digest the possible departure of his friend and deputy.

We are losing a convinced man, a loyal man. »

Quote from André Brassard-Aubin, Head of PQ at Jonquière

The organization only learned the news on Monday. The president prefers to give himself a few days of thinking before working on the rest of things, including looking for a new candidate for fall.

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