Symphony Organ: Ambitious Production

Journalists were invited to go behind the scenes of the show to meet the artisans and discover some elements of the show. It was somewhat difficult to know exactly how the show would be done without the artisans divulging anything. But, nevertheless, some elements allowed to feed our imagination.

Orchestra at the service of music

Designer and Artistic Director Nicolas Lemieux of GSI Musique wants to specify that it won’t be an orchestral concert like we’re used to seeing. We haven’t seen this before in a symphony orchestra’s “show.” The symphony orchestra serves the music, but we’re really in a story. We’re really into a great visual spread, accompanied by an orchestra.

Moreover, the orchestra will not be center stage. The chorus and vocalists will regress in the lead, which is already unusual. Dancers, acrobats will play the music.

Rabbits from the album If We Need a fifth season will appear on stage.

Photo: Radio Canada / Jose Ducharme

Multimedia world

What is undoubtedly most intriguing is when we approach the digital aspect of the show. The video will support the presentation to create an atmosphere inspired by the world of Harmonium.

Isabelle Binchod, Video Content Producer and Marcela Grimaux, Video Director and Artistic Director reveal this It is as colorful as the music of the Harmonium. It’s easy to be fooled by the pictures.

In addition to 2D and 3D animation, the production commissioned PixMob in Montreal, known worldwide for creating a luminous ambiance in the crowd during performances. But we don’t know what technology will be used to display Trois-Rivières. Will light bracelets be used? Will the lighting fixtures be integrated into the seats? The mystery will be solved on May 24.

performance in two

The designer reveals that all the characters that form the basis of the Harmonium universe will be represented. The legendary vocalist from the group’s first album cover will appear before our very eyes For the first time in its historysays Nicholas Lemieux.

He states that the 140-minute show will be divided into two acts. The first is in the city and the second is in the fictional country of Harmonium.

Trois-Rivières will be the starting point for a major show that the producer hopes to see on other stages around the world. Ten performances in the program at the Cogeco Amphitheater.

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