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Tactical Ops kicks off next week, and the Multiplayer Director is leaving the studio

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We also received news about the second season of infinite aura This Saturday, 343 Industries developers don’t forget the first season. This should continue until May 2, 2022 when many players have already completed the Battle Pass. To speed weeks between fractions, the studio offers weeks of events that offer a specific fight pass.


This week’s Tactical Operations event kicks off, SWAT هدف Objective

This event is likely to start on Tuesday if we consider the history of 343 industries. It will focus on variants of the “Tactical Killer” mode, known as SWAT. As a reminder, this puts the player in 4v4 matches where the slightest headshot is fatal, armed with a combat rifle. Battle Pass for this event will unlock items for Armor Core Mark VII.

Multiplayer manager infinite aura left the studio

The chief designer of the multiplayer part of Hello Infinite, Andrew Waits, He announced his departure from the studio a few months after the title was officially released. He worked there for three years and was responsible for the styles and title platforms. He explains in his letter his honor to be able to participate in this project, before thanking the fans.

The departure comes because many players are unhappy with the rate at which new content is released, while the studio continues to work on critical issues at the heart of the title.

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