Take a look at the life of the “perfect astronaut”. That we dream about “

Michael Collins “The perfect astronaut … that we dream about.”. This Wednesday, April 28, 2021, he left Earth for the last time, at his sweet 90. It is often seen as the greatest forgotten of the Apollo 11 mission. ‘The third man’. Michael Collins did not have a chance to walk on the moon. But he would remain the image of a talented astronaut and above all a man of boundless wisdom.

Neil Armstrong was him The first man to walk on the moon. That was July 1969. In August 2012, he was also the firstThe Apollo 11 crew To leave us. Yesterday evening, it was with great sadness that the world learned of the disappearance of one of its accomplices. At the age of 90, Michael Collins withdrew. The third man in the adventure, Buzz AldrinThey chose to address him for the last time, with a touching message:

We mention that Michael Collins He was the only one of the three astronauts who did not have the opportunity to set foot on the moon’s surface. As an Apollo 11 command and service pilot, he remained in orbit around our natural satellite. The opportunity, for him, too, is to have a few words left in history: “I am now alone. Really alone. Completely isolated from known life. Three billion people plus two on one side of the moon. There is no one – God alone is more – on the other side.”

Experience seems to have marked the man forever. A few days ago, on the occasion of World Earth Day, take it easy Twitter : “I am sure if everyone can see the earth floating right in front of them WindowEvery day will be Earth Day. There are few things more fragile or more beautiful than Earth, let us work together today and every day to protect “our homeland”. “

And since that was his will, let us remember, through some happy pictures, this life of meaning and wisdom – a lot of humor too – led by Michael Collins. Because he was more of the poor astronaut who waited for others to return from their lunar march. He was an outstanding pilot, and he was a pillar of the US space program. “The perfect astronaut … that we dream about.”, according to Jean-François ClervoyFrench astronaut.

NASA Honoring Michael Collins. © NASA

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