In 2022, tadosac will reflect on fees for visitors

First against the idea, the mayor of Tadoussac, Richard Terrain, finally said he was open to considering a visitor property like Bercy Town in Gaspey.

The imposition of this type of tax will make it possible to take advantage of the huge influx of tourists to increase the income of the municipality and finance the maintenance, operation and development of the tourist infrastructure.

The mayor made his position clear in an interview on Bonjour la Côte on Friday. It is reported that discussions with citizens and elected officials in the municipal council prompted him to review his position on this issue.

Mayor of Tadoussac, Richard Terrain

Image source: Richard Therrien

Only crazy people don’t change their minds and I’m convinced we’ll have to move on to find solutions. It will be part of our thinking in 2022.

He remembers that Tadoussac is still a very popular tourist destination and that the presence of tourists has increased on the North Shore in the past couple of years.

In addition, the mayor indicates that over the next year, the municipality will consider, in particular, possible solutions to respond to the employment problem and meet the demand of tourism companies.

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