Tamara Thibault in the Women’s World Boxing Final

She will face Athena Pelon of Panama for the gold medal. On the fifth of the Tokyo Olympics, the two boxers faced each other in the final match of the last Pan American Championships, last April. Then Tybalt had the upper hand 5-0 to be crowned champion.

Since I was very young I dreamed of this being to fight for the gold medal. I’m so close! I’m so happy, I’m so proud, I’m so happyCaptured after her victory.

On Wednesday, the bell had just rung when Grammann began to attack to close its distance from Quebec.

It was a tougher fight than I expected. My opponent came out strong, she was small and strong, and showed that her heart was in her stomachidentified Thibeault, who did everything in his power to stay in control.

It was clearly favored by its size, and was able to find its rhythm as the fight progressed. She expected her opponent’s blows to strike back and strike back at the appropriate times. The Mozambican actress was punished twice for trying to hold onto Tybalt.

Thus, Al-Kindi did not leave the slightest doubt about the outcome of this confrontation. Its efficiency will make all the difference. Four judges gave cards from 30 to 25, while another gave a score of 29-26.

The first round was a bit chaotic, but I was able to piece myself together in the next two, which gave me the win. I’m really happy and excited about the idea of ​​making it to the final.

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On Monday, Tamara Thibault defeated Australian Anne Parker in the quarter-finals. She also knocked out American Naomi Melissa Graham in her first Worlds Fight, after she got a goodbye in the first round.

grant 120%

Tamara Thibault, who is in her third World Championships, will have the chance to rise to the top of the podium in her class. The 25-year-old will get her hands on a second world medal, having won the bronze in 2019.

It’s really hard to describe how I feel. All I can say is that I will give 120% on Friday. It’s been a long time since Canada won a gold medal at the world championships and I want to be the woman to win it.

Earlier on Wednesday, New Brunswick’s Charlie Kavanagh also won her semi-final match at the men’s 63-66kg category. In the final, she will face Turkey’s Businaz Surminelli on Friday.

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