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Team duel: Canada ranks 12th in Egypt

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After the first-round match was decided in the final touch, Maximilian van Heaster, Elie Schenkel and Bogdan Hamilton, who represented Canada at the Fencing World Cup in Cairo, Egypt, wrapped up the team’s competition at the age of 12.And the Ranked with a record of one win and three losses.

Canada trailed 40-36 when Van Heaster started the final against Egypt’s Alaa El-Din Abul-Qasim in the first round of the competition. Quebec managed to equalize with a score of 44-44, but was affected by the last sequence and the Egyptians came out with the victory.

“Today was very frustrating despite our presence top 12. I am happy with the way I came back against Egypt. Normally I don’t like blaming the referees, but this time I really think the final touch should have been ours. It’s been played with too little,” Van Heaster said.

Relegated to the ranking matches, the Canadians quickly responded by beating Hungary 45-34. Van Heaster is proud of the way he and his colleagues recovered from the tragic loss of Egypt.

“We didn’t have many problems beating the Hungarians. We reacted well after our first defeat. It’s a team that could have beaten us if we weren’t at the top of our game.”

In the next match against Georgia, the final touch was again decisive as the score was 44-44 between Van Heaster and Luka Gaganidze. Despite returning from Quebec, he conceded defeat by one point.

The last duel of the day, one for 11And the Place, Canadian forces were defeated by Spain 45-34 and had to settle 12And the Rank.

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“After two losses with one touch, it was difficult to recover mentally. It showed in our last match, that we were never in the game,” concluded Van Heaster.

In the Grand Final, the United States defeated the Russians 45-34. The Italians won the bronze medal by defeating South Korea in the small final.

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