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TELUS promotes physical and mental health in small businesses through virtual healthcare at no additional cost

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VANCOVER, BC, Jan 20 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Small business owners must continue to innovate, reinvent and adapt to keep their dreams and businesses alive during the pandemic. As a result, it has become difficult for them to focus on their own health and the health of their employees and families. To promote the health of small and medium businesses, Business TELUS Now offers the solution TELUS Health Virtual Care At no additional cost to its customers subscribed to a small business mobile service plan1 To help improve access to physical and mental health support. As Canada’s healthcare technology leader, TELUS is committed to harnessing the power of technology to deliver connected solutions and services to improve access to care for all Canadians.

At the beginning of the epidemic, it was Canadian Federation of Independent Business It found that 45 percent of business owners had psychological problems due to the pandemic, and 43 percent were working significantly longer hours than before. Two years on, business owners still face these hurdles. With access to a virtual healthcare service based on the TELUS Health app, business owners, their employees, and their families can prioritize their overall well-being and mitigate risks.

“Running a small business has become more demanding than ever, both physically and mentally, over the past few years. We want to support the country’s small business community by providing our customers, their employees and their families with a digital health service that allows them to easily access healthcare when and where they need it.” President of TELUS Business Solutions.”Small business owners are at the heart of our neighborhoods. They remain dedicated to their work and their teams despite the tough challenges they face every day. That’s why we are committed to providing them with the very best in our leadership in healthcare innovation to support their well-being when they need it most. »

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As less than 10 percent of Canadian small businesses currently offer virtual care as a benefit to their employees2TELUS Health Virtual Care enables small business owners, their employees and their families to access bilingual virtual healthcare support anytime, anywhere in the country. With an easy-to-use mobile application, business owners and their families can proactively take care of their health by accessing services such as specialist referrals, consultations, prescription refills, and lab orders. Furthermore, they will also have access to mental health support through the counseling service, so that employees and owners can get help with any difficulties they may encounter. Eight out of 10 people They agree that virtual care can help them avoid absenteeism from work. So, by supporting the mental and physical health of their teams, small businesses can reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and develop a healthier, happier workforce, all while dealing with the ongoing effects of the pandemic.

“The pandemic has changed the way we look at our business and we’ve seen the physical and mental toll it’s taking on our people and our productivity. Like many small businesses, we can’t afford a comprehensive health plan, and so far, virtual health services have been dedicated to businesses with larger budgets,” says Divyansh Ojha , Founder and CEO of FoodFund Inc. Knowing that TELUS Health Virtual Care is at our fingertips is a game-changer for us. Service will level the playing field and give small businesses like ours the ability to care for their employees. We expect our employees to be confident that they remain in The top of their interests with flexible and easily accessible healthcare options. This is a very suitable procedure for small businesses and I am happy to share it with my team.”

TELUS Health Virtual Care launched in the spring of 2021 and offers on-demand physical and mental health care across the country with a human touch. TELUS is the only telecom operator in the country that provides access to a virtual care service at no additional cost to customers in the small business category. It’s worth over $1,200 (estimated at $5 per month) for a company of 10 employees with a 24-month mobile service plan. By combining the advantage of national access with more than a decade of experience within the Canadian healthcare technology ecosystem, TELUS offers a uniquely national employer-focused service that helps improve the health and well-being of small business owners, their employees and their families.

To learn about TELUS Health Virtual Care for mobile customers in small business sectors or to register for TELUS Health Virtual Care through your mobile service plan, visit telus.com/soinsvirtuelsaffaires.

TELUS (TSX:T, NYSE:TU) is a dynamic and world-leading communications technology company, with annual revenues of $16 billion and 16 million customer wireless connections, data and voice, IP, television, video and entertainment services. and security services. We leverage our cutting edge technology and compassion to achieve remarkable human benefits. We have always put customers first. This orientation is reflected in all areas of our activity and has enabled us to become undeniable leaders in customer loyalty and service. In 2020, TELUS’ mobile network was recognized as the fastest in the world, underscoring our commitment to providing Canadians with superior technologies that connect us to the people, resources and information that make our lives better. TELUS Health is the Canadian leader in digital health technologies. It improves access to health and wellness services, and revolutionizes the flow of medical data across the continuum of care. TELUS Agriculture provides innovative digital solutions to players in the agricultural value chain. Improves food production by leveraging better processes and leveraging agribusiness data. TELUS International (TSX and NYSE: TIXT) is an innovator in the digital customer experience space. It provides next-generation content management and AI solutions to global companies in the technology, gaming, e-commerce, financial technology, telecom, media, healthcare, travel, entertainment and accommodation industries. TELUS and TELUS International operate in more than 25 countries. Together, let’s create a better future.

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Adhering to the company’s firm community philosophy “We Deliver Where We Live” and its social goal to passionately connect with all citizens to make the world a better place, current and retired TELUS team members have provided more than $820 million and 1.6 million community days to volunteer since 2000. The generosity has made Unprecedented team members and their amazing volunteer work TELUS the most generous company in the world.

To learn more about TELUS, visit telus.com Follow us on Twitter (Tweet embed) and on Instagram (Tweet embed).

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1 The TELUS Health Virtual Care solution is available at no additional cost to TELUS Small Business customers who have a one-, two-year or monthly agreement and voice and data plan, including Unlimited for Business, owner-feature, hassle-free or easy participation. This offer is valid throughout Canada. All subscribers of the same account with an active TELUS Mobile Small Business plan (up to 100 subscribers) and their family members, including spouses and dependents (26 years of age or younger), will have access to TELUS Health Virtual Care. The virtual healthcare service will be available until December 31, 2022 or until the plan with TELUS is canceled, whichever comes first.
2 About 9.9 percent of small and medium-sized businesses (1-100 employees) have access to virtual healthcare according to TELUS Business Solutions’ internal brand tracking survey conducted from November 5-17, 2021.

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