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TELUS World of Science in Edmonton opens its renovated spaces on Wednesday

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Students from St Theresa’s School of Calcutta in Edmonton spend the week at the new TELUS World of Science in Edmonton.

Photo: Radio Canada / Lunan Charpentier

Jeremiah, 8, is one of Kathleen Scrivano’s students at the school Saint Teresa of Calcuttain Edmonton. It’s so cool, it’s fun, I’m learning new thingsHe said.

The teacher and her students will be at the center all week.

The teacher says it is unbelievable. The children opened their minds and managed to get their hands dirty.

Laboratory at the TELUS Museum of Science in Edmonton.

Visitors can explore the new health zone at the Allard Family Gallery. They can test their flexibility and leg strength, hear their heartbeat, examine their veins or put on a lab coat and extract DNA in a LAB.

Photo: Radio Canada / Lunan Charpentier

Health District

In the Health District, located in the Allard Family Gallery, visitors can explore their health through an immersive experience.

[Le visiteur] They can really explore the different aspects that will affect their health, whether it’s genes, the choices they make, their environment, or health professionals.، explains Mirabell Bremont Schwartz, assigned scientist TELUS WORLD OF SCIENCE from Edmonton.

Thus, visitors can analyze the cells of their mouths and thus learn more about their health and ways to improve it.

A traditional Aboriginal room at the Edmonton Telus Science Museum.

Visitors are invited to learn about the indigenous culture in the traditional hall.

Photo: Radio Canada / Lunan Charpentier

traditional aboriginal room

Gilman Cardinal is an Aboriginal elder who has lived in Edmonton for 28 years. The Science Center was one of the first places he visited.

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I found something was missing here, he says. There are a lot of great things here for kids: education, health… […] But the original part was not there!

Today, the traditional Aboriginal Hall has opened its doors, where members of the community pass on their knowledge, culture, and history.

It is an excellent example of reconciliation. It’s about walking together. »

Quote from Cardinal Gilman, elder in TELUS WORLD OF SCIENCE

All we ask of you is to walk with us and get to know us, to experience our culture, to come and celebrate with us. This is all we askHe said.

Gilman Cardinal adds that many young Indigenous people are moving to cities and it is important that they have access to these facilities to stay in touch with their culture.

Edmonton Telus Science Museum.

Visitors over 12 years of age wishing to enter the Museum must wear a mask and present a valid vaccination passport or negative test.

Photo: Radio Canada / Lunan Charpentier


Alan Norsall at the press conference recalls the city of Edmonton, the provincial government, when Rachel Notley was in power, and the Government of Canada invested $12 million. The remaining 40 million were raised through individual donations.

I remember coming here as a kid, so that was one of the reasons I struggled to get this funding.says Sarah Hoffman, deputy leader of the Alberta New Democratic Party.

According to her, the fact that the exhibitions focus on health, COVID-19 and climate change, The things we face every day in real lifehe is A great asset to the community .

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The renovated rooms as part of the Aurora project also include a new exterior wing and mezzanine, a new entrance hall, curiosity cityspace gallery, and Nature exchangeThe Science garage and Zeidler’s dome.

The new Galaxy Store at the TELUS Science Museum in Edmonton.

The new Galaxy Store has high ceilings, glass walls and white finishes with a modern and futuristic look.

Photo: Radio Canada / Lunan Charpentier

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