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[Test] FF VII Remake even more beautiful and complete with Intergrade release on PS5

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We’re not going back to Final Fantasy VII Remake anymore. We talked to you at length about it When the game launches in April 2020. As of June 10, the game is back on PS5 with Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. In the program of this new release: the original game with remastered graphics optimized for the PlayStation 5, but also an all-new adventure called INTERmission.

Before you get started, here are the different possibilities to get it working. If you haven’t played FF VII Remake on PS4, just purchase Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade to enjoy the full experience. Players who purchase FF VII Remake on PS4 and own PS5 can download a free optimization upgrade that includes all visual and gameplay improvements at no additional cost. On the other hand, they will have to go to the cashier via PS Store to turn on the DLC INTERmission and it will cost them 20 euros. However, this DLC is exclusive to PS5 and cannot be played on PS4. Finally, players who got “free” FF VII Remake via PS+ will need to checkout to take advantage of the graphics improvements and expansion on PS5.

It’s a really cool game on PS5

Last year, we were really amazed at the realization and graphics of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4. With this upgrade on PS5, Square Enix is ​​giving it a new lease on life! The game is amazing and more beautiful than ever. This new version also unlocks a photo mode that will delight fans.

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INTERmission is being expanded along with FFVII Remake events. It is recommended that you complete the original game before you start, but nothing is mandatory. This new episode is dedicated to the radiant Yuffie Kisagari. With her partner Sono Kusakabe, she will have to infiltrate Shinra’s buildings to steal a powerful substance and restore the glory of her homeland. The adventure of driving these two ninjas can be over in 4 hours. But count at least a double if you want to take full advantage of it by completing all the side quests. New mini-games are also in the program, including Fort Condor, an amazing tactical and strategy game.

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If you haven’t played Final Fantasy VII Remake yet and have a PS5, check out Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. It’s more beautiful and more complete, it’s the best way to discover this excellent game. For others, is it worth spending 20 euros to play the INTERmission expansion? The answer is yes! This new adventure is generous in terms of content and lets you immerse yourself in the game world. 4,5 / 5

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