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The camera automatically removes the bright spots in the trial version

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The iOS 15 public beta improves on an important aspect of the iPhone camera. Bright spots that appear in bright light when a photo is taken are automatically removed in post-processing.

the The fourth beta version of iOS 15 It was only launched a few days ago. All users can download it on iPhone and iPad to test what’s new in this version.

Lens flare on iPhone – Credit: Depaac, CC BY-SA 4.0

The iOS 15 beta brings a huge improvement regarding the camera. Bright spots are also called Spots of light or lens flare, they are automatically removed in post-processing, at least for the most part.

Soon the end of lens flare that spoils photos?

On reddit, user “u/Doubleluckstur” noted the novelty of iOS 15 Which should also include a new food tracking function. Share the landscape photo as it was taken and when it is saved in the gallery. When he takes the photo, a bright green dot appears to the left of the photo. After processing the program, The image saved in his gallery no longer has a point of light.

Lens flare is a common phenomenon that bothers many users. It can actually spoil a well-formed image. These bright spots appear when there is a file strong light. For example, they are common for urban night shots.

At the moment, we don’t know if all iPhone models have been affected by this improvement. One user was able to enjoy it on his iPhone XS while another did not see any change in his iPhone 8 Plus. According to the theory 9to5Mac, it may well be that only iPhones equipped with Apple A12 Bionic models and later Benefit from the best post-processing.

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iOS 15 doesn’t remove bright spots from videos yet

In addition, other users have noted the limitations of this novelty. Bright spots are not always removed indoors with artificial light. It also does not appear to be recognizable if it is on foliage or mosquito net. Moreover, lens flare does not go away on videos.

Finally, we can’t confirm whether The latest version of iOS 15 You will be able to remove these bright spots once and for all. Anyway, Apple is working on it. Moreover, Cupertino recently announced that Some Siri functions will disappear with iOS 15.

Source : the edge

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