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Texas | A policewoman was convicted of appealing for premeditated murder

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(Dallas) A Texas court is set to hear the arguments of a former Dallas cop convicted of killing her neighbor on Tuesday.

The Canadian Press

Amber Guyger’s attorneys and prosecutors must cross swords in the appeals court to determine if there is enough evidence to prove that the shooting that took the life of Botham Jane in 2018 was indeed a murder.

The hearing will take place before a panel of judges that will be tasked with reviewing the jury decision, issued in 2019, to sentence Amber Guyger to 10 years in prison for premeditated murder.

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Amber Jaeger

The call comes about a week after a jury found a former Minneapolis policeman guilty of killing George Floyd. A case that has once again captured attention in the murders of African Americans at the hands of the police.

More than two years before the Floyd case sparked protests across the United States, the murder of Botham Jean with a gunshot from Amber Geiger also attracted attention due to the strange circumstances, but also because “ this is a black man killed by a white policeman. ”

The facts are not disputed in this case. Amber Jaeger was on her way home from a long bout when she got the wrong apartment and got into Mister Jane. The apartment in question was only one floor lower than his home.

The policewoman noticed that the door was open, went in, and then opened fire on Botham Jahn. She testified in her testimony that she believed she was dealing with a thief.

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Botham Jane was a 26-year-old accountant. He was at home eating ice cream when the policewoman shot him. She was fired by the Dallas Police Department and then sentenced.

The appeal of 32-year-old Amber Geiger centers on the claim that it was her fault to believe that entering her home was legitimate, and so was the shooting.

His lawyers are asking the court to either acquit him of the premeditated murder charge or replace the sentence with a conviction for criminal negligence that caused the death. Such a decision would lead to a commutation of the sentence.

According to the documents presented in the court, the prosecutors confirm that Mr.I Jaeger does not cancel his offense. They wrote, “Murder is a consequence-based crime.”

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