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Texas campaign against vaccine obligation: Federal law warns that federal law prevails

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On Tuesday, the White House spokeswoman noted that federal law “prevails” over US state laws, after Texas decided to oppose Joe Biden’s vaccine commitment to millions of employees.

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“Federal law prevails over federal state law,” said Gene Psaki, when asked about the initiative of Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

US President Joe Biden, after long refusing to make binding decisions, said a month ago that vaccination against COVID-19 would become mandatory for nearly 100 million workers, federal government officials and private sector employees.

However, the Biden administration has yet to publish the rules that will frame the practical application of this commitment at the private companies involved, which have more than 100 employees.

And the White House spokesperson, when asked about the implementation deadline, justified, “There is really no historical precedent for[corporate commitment to this vaccine]and we want to do a good job.”

Gene Psaki also considered that the decision of the Governor of Texas was above all “political”.

“When you make a decision that is contrary to current public health information and data, which is not based on the interests of the people you are ruling, it may be in your political interest,” she criticized.

The announcement of the vaccine demand sparked an uproar among Republicans who see it as a violation of individual liberty.

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Greg Abbott, who is known to have been staunchly opposed to being asked to wear a mask, tested positive for COVID-19 in August after attending a public indoor event. The governor was fully vaccinated.

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