Thanks to our 3.5 million readers

Despite the containment measures put in place, Newspaper From Quebec And the Montreal Magazine We are happy to note that they still reach more than one in two French-speaking Quebecers, according to a recent Vividata survey that measures newspaper readers.1

This confirms the public’s need to be well informed. Not only at this time of global crisis, but also when fake news reported by some media is on the increase.

Every week, our daily newspapers reach 3,579,000 readers in Quebec, across all platforms. The print edition of our two daily newspapers alone reaches 2,445,000 readers.

Quebec Magazine It maintains its title as # 1 daily in Quebec, whether in print, digital, or multi-platform form. Quebec Magazine It reaches 1,610,000 readers every week, across all platforms, or 82% more than its closest competitor.

Sebastian Maynard, publisher and editor-in-chief of The Journal de Quebec

It is worth noting that our digital readership has continued to increase significantly in 2020, by 21%.

Loyal readers

Our readers were very loyal despite the very difficult context. We’ve really gone out of our way to offer them a product more suitable than ever before during a period of confinement: robust investigations, diverse and informed opinions, various testimonials and reports, current affairs commonplace.

To pass the time in confinement, we’ve added some fun reading as new game pages.

We knew the importance of our readers handing their printed copies to their door every morning during the lockdown.

We did our best to achieve this feat, rain or shine. I would also like to thank the many street vendors and distributors throughout the county.

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More than ever, our company has worked closely with its advertisers to help them overcome this crisis, and they have also been very supportive of us. I would like to thank them for their trust. The future together is bright.

Thank you all for reading us. Finally, we see the light at the end of the tunnel and will continue to enlighten you as best we can over the next few months, and we hope that we all enjoy the summer that lies ahead.

Sebastian Maynard
Editor and Editor

Source: Vividata Spring 2021, Quebec Weekly Readers, 14+
Source 1: Vividata Spring 2021, French-Speaking Quebec Weekly Readers, 14+

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