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The 2021 Cultural Review with Andre Ropitel & Partners

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Under the theme “Culture is Everywhere,” the show highlights the artists and major works of the past year that have brought our daily lives together. Once again, in 2021, the pandemic will have highlighted the importance of art in our lives.

For a look at the highlights of the 2021 cultural life, host André Robitaille presents meetings between artists who have distinguished the fields of performing arts, literature, music, visual arts and film this year.

David Goderault, Isabelle Piccard, André Ropitel and Patrice Michaud Photo: Pamplemousse media

Literature and childhood magic

Isabelle Piccard, Patrice Michaud and David Goderault, who published children’s books in 2021, have spoken about the importance of preserving childhood magic.

Realism can be very difficult and very limiting, and imagination can be both liberating and infinite. The more we allow our children to build a great imaginary shelter, the more they can protect themselves, sometimes, from the harshness of reality. Whenever they have a place to retreat, to heal themselves, to go and recover before returning to reality.

David Jodrault
Three women and a man standing with their backs to a huge window.
Anne Elisabeth Boss, Mariana Mazza, Andre Ropitel and Caroline Monet Photo: Pamplemousse Media

Fear as an engine of creation

Caroline Monet, Mariana Mazza and Anne-Elizabeth Boss for their part dared to create a different work of art than those they had previously made: a feature film by Caroline Monet, an exhibition of paintings by Mariana Mazza, and a solo show of humor by Anne-Elizabeth Boss.

Danger, take risks, do something I don’t know, spoil, even make fun of me, and make me vulnerable […] When you touch that kind of fear, you are a new person then […] Me, I find I change every time and look at the world differently. So, you have to dive.

Anne Elizabeth Boss
Three men and a woman extending their arms.
Theodore Bellerin, Andre Rubitail, Nicholas Ellis and Chloe Belgaj Photo: Pamplemous Media


There were many unforgettable moments. And the return of the artists to the stage in the spring of 2021, after the lifting of health restrictions, is one of them. movie success Dune By Denis Villeneuve, album version Phoenix By Charlotte Cardin, Felix 13 won by Chloe Belgag and 2 Grammys for Caitranada.

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A man wearing a black jacket.
Anglesh comedian main photo: Pamplemousse Media

These highlights were sometimes tested in a personal way, as recounted by comedian English Major, who played solo in the play. King Dave In Duceppe.

It was the highlight of the premiere night. I was so nervous, I thought I was going to die, then finally I like the appeal [conscience] for redemption. I did, I was able to do it solo which scared me so much. For the first time in my life, I was able to say I’m proud of myself without feeling fake. It’s been a really big year for me.

the main English

Cultural review 2021 It will be presented on Thursday 30 December at 9 pm on ICI Télé and at the same time on ICI Première

Replay: Sunday January 9 at 5 pm at ICI Télé

The program’s webcast will be online on this page as of December 31.

– A version in Quebec Sign Language (LSQ) will also be available on December 31 here.

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