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Today, the smartphone is the most important digital communication tool. These powerful mini computers accompany us day by day in our daily private and professional life. So a modern smartphone has to prove persuasive in many scenarios – not just telephony. With the Galaxy S21 5G series, Samsung has upgraded the Galaxy S series to create standards that leave almost nothing to be desired. Starting with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

Sharp images thanks to the smart camera system

The camera is the heart of the Samsung Galaxy S21. The camera is amazing with its design and functionality. A new metal frame surrounds the camera on the back of the device, highlighting its matte look.

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, the Semi-Professional Camera is easy to use and ready to go with the touch of a finger. The intelligent camera system ensures that scenes are always captured with the correct setting. The 64MP telephoto lens ensures sharp images even in low light. With the hybrid optical zoom, users can zoom in on distant subjects with up to 30 times accuracy.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G doesn’t stop there: the dual 10MP telephoto lens allows 100x spatial zoom. But the 108MP wide-angle lens is the Ultra’s highlight. Combined with an improved night mode and precise noise reduction, the lens makes it easy to capture moments with exceptional quality, even in challenging viewing conditions.

New models stand out when it comes to video recording. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G lets you capture cinema-like videos at 8K resolution and 24fps. For the first time on a Galaxy smartphone, all cameras can record in 4K – even the ones on the front.

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Dynamic AMOLED 2X ensures that images, videos or streams are always displayed in the best light with vivid colors and high contrasts. The adaptive frame rate from 10 to 120 Hz intelligently adapts to the content.

Faster, more efficient and more durable

Samsung users expect the power. The premium camera and ultra-clear display are powered by the most powerful processor ever integrated into a Galaxy smartphone. Not only does the S21 make it faster and provides 5G connectivity, it is also more energy efficient. Thus, the battery lasts longer and gives users the energy they need.

More flexible than ever thanks to the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem

Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy system, linking products together is easier than ever to give users the best experience. To this end, Samsung has developed a new communication framework based on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) allowing seamless communication between nearby devices. The new Galaxy Buds Pro smartphones, tablets and smartwatches connect together with music, videos and apps for a seamless experience. Prefer to continue watching your YouTube video on your tablet? You can easily switch to your tablet device without having to restart the app or reconnect your headphones.

Rich Voice, ANC, High Call Quality

To complete the Galaxy S21 series, Samsung launches the new Galaxy Buds Pro. These high-quality wireless headphones provide users with the best audio experience from the Galaxy Buds series yet. High call quality, active noise cancellation (ANC) and advanced ambient mode make Galaxy Buds Pro an ideal companion for use anytime, at work, at play, or on the go.

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And if you can’t find your headphones, that’s not a problem either. Both the new Galaxy Buds Pro and S21 suite support Galaxy SmartThings Find, which can be used to find lost devices. With the new Galaxy SmartTag, users can add other items to the Galaxy ecosystem such as a keychain or wallet.


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