The Alouettes put in a terrible performance against the Stampeders

The Stamps (1-2) finally won 28-22.

And Jarry Jones’ formation appeared headed for an easy win over the Stamps and rising quarterback Jake Mayer, the victim of two interceptions in his first five attempts. Bad decision by Vernon Adams Jr. and club indiscipline caused the Montreal train to derail.

With a 14-3 Alouettes (1-1) mark in the second quarter, Adams tried to catch one of his receivers in double coverage. Evil took him. Royce Michy’s Six Lines changed the course of the game.

Alberta scored 25 unanswered, brilliantly led by Meyer, who pulled himself together to play like a veteran.

Running back Kadim Curry scored two goals for the winners. Jordan’s other moon scored in a four-yard pass. Rene Paredes added two field goals at 39 and 52 yards — a personal mark — and gave the Alouettes the stamps a safe touchdown.

Jake Winicki and William Stanback scored the first touchdown for Aloet, who nevertheless had the chance to win the match.

When Bray made his Montreal debut with just six points left with less than three minutes to go, after a lucky turn from David Cottier. The ball hits the right before it crosses the crossbar.

After that, Alwette grabbed the ball for the last time with 1.44 meters to play. Posted in his 18th streak, Adams orchestrated an entire streak, down to Stampeders’ 14th streak with one second.

Adams then completed a pass to Eugene Lewis, but the latter grabbed the ball by diving, outside the end zone, before running out to touch, leaving the Alouettes literally a yard away.

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