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The Alternative for Germany party is not allowed to run in the elections in Bermachi. And to your liking

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The split in the Burmese branch of the AfD created two parties with regional leadership that did not recognize each other. Each leader put forward their own candidate in Baramshi, who they claimed was the only candidate on their list. But a week ago, the Municipal Elections Commission rejected both candidates, saying it was not their duty to check which of the documents were legitimate. She indignantly appealed this decision.

None of the candidates was recognized by the Provincial Election Commission, making it impossible for parties to stand for election. She cannot appeal this ruling. German media reported that the only option left was to contest the election result after it was annulled. Elections will be held in Perimche on May 14.

Burma, together with the town of Bremerhaven, approximately 70 kilometers away, forms a single federal state – the Free Hanseatic City of Burma. Both cities are separate constituencies in Germany, so the Burmese and Bremerhaven in particular decided to constituency in favor of the AfD.

While Burma rejected the two candidates, Bremerhaven accepted a candidate a week earlier, or the Alternative for Germany fielded only one candidate there. But even here, the provincial electoral commission again intervened, which ultimately rejected the candidate on the grounds that he had not been signed by a legitimate party leader. Thus, the ruling meant that the AfD could not stand in Brämsch or Bremerhaven.

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In order to enter the State Parliament, it is necessary to pass the five percent threshold in one of the two provinces. In the last elections in 2019, the AfD exceeded the limit in both constituencies, winning 3 deputies in Bremshi and one in Bremerhaven. In all, it had 5 out of 84 seats in the state parliament.

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