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A new species of spider has been discovered in Australia. It is huge and builds burrows underground

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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The server quotes these very words intended to reflect the gigantic size of the new spider species NBC News From the Queensland Museum statement.

Although the Australians have not published the exact size of their discovery, the spiders are from the Ctenizidae family, according to the journal National Geographic Usually about 38 cm in size and nest underground. They are tropical hairy spiders whose bites can cause pain and swelling in humans.

The spider lives in forest stands and builds underground burrows in black soil in the central part of Queensland, which is located on the northeastern coast of Australia. Australian scientists said that due to the intense agricultural activity, these spiders are likely to lose a large part of their habitat, and therefore are likely to become an endangered species.

According to Michael Ricks, chief expert on spiders at the Queensland Museum, the experts are excited to “scientifically document this new species”. As his colleague Jeremy Wilson added, naming a new species is of great importance because being a known species means protection.

Euoplos premitas is the fourth spider species to be discovered in Australia recently. Three more scientists discovered last month at the borders of the Australian states of Victoria and New South Wales.

Spiders may dream like humans


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