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The AR/VR Mixed Reality Headset will be announced in 2022, but it’s not available immediately

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Apple’s first mixed reality AR/VR headset will be unveiled next year with computing power equivalent to that of Macs. However, Mark Gorman of Bloomberg warns that the headset won’t be available any time soon.

With 2021 coming to a close, rumors are circulating about Apple products in 2022. The Cupertino company was planning it The first mixed reality headset will be launched next year. It will be announced by Apple Glass, which will be Tim Cook’s last CEO project. According to a source, The Apple AR / VR headset will also sell for about $ 3000.

Illustration of an Apple AR/VR headset – Credit: FRONT PAGE TECH

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo confirmed it recently The helmet will arrive at the end of 2022. It will have computing power equivalent to that of Macs. However, it likely won’t be available any time soon after it’s announced. One of Apple’s most ambitious projects could take a long time to reach users.

You’ll have to wait before you have an Apple AR headset in your hands

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg believes that users will struggle to get hold of the Apple headset after its announcement. He said: ” I expect the gap between the introduction of Apple’s first headphone – and expected early next year – to be large and competitive with that of the original Apple Watch. ».

In fact, users weren’t able to purchase their first Apple-connected watch right away. They had to Wait 227 days between announcement and availability. Mark Gorman also believes that Apple does not want to reveal its mixed reality glasses. At risk of leaks when in the hands of more Apple employees and partners who will have to contribute before it’s released So, it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple’s first AR/VR headset will ship in 2023, not 2022.

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And as a reminder, Apple’s mixed reality headset will be too Interchangeable lenses To adapt to the users’ vision. This means that ” The company will likely have to work with governments around the world on potential prescription lenses Mark Gorman explains. From what we know, the AR/VR headset will also be able to work independently of your Mac or iPhone.

Source : 9to5Mac

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