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The arts in Canada unite the Francophone community

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It is always sad, when working in Canadian Francophonie, to realize that despite all your efforts, you cannot stop the loss of momentum in Francophonie.Nancy Juno announced in an interview with Radio Canada.

The Franco-Canadian Cultural Federation “promotes and defends the place of arts and culture in the French-Canadian and Acadian speaking world”.

Nancy Juno advocates the arts and culture sector as playing a key role in the sustainable development and vitality of Francophone societies.

Our Canadian mission outside Quebec is to ensure that there is cultural vitality in our communities across the countryNancy Juno explains.

The arts and culture sector is recognized in Bill C-13 on Official Languages ​​as an essential vector for the development and growth of individuals within societies.

The new version of the law […] It emphasizes the cultural and artistic sector as an essential sector for the survival of the French language in our societies. Then there is the full parallel exercise that is underway regarding the Action Plan for Official LanguagesNancy Juno confirms.

How can the law be translated into concrete initiatives on the ground? Here, the cultural and artistic sector becomes an important player. »

Quote from Nancy Juno, President of the Franco-Canadian Cultural Federation

The federal government authorities working on the Official Languages ​​Action Plan must be persuaded of the need to provide better support to our cultural and artistic organizations in this area so that they can continue to curb this assimilation and reduce the speed at which the French are lost. language in the countrysays Nancy Juno.

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concrete actions

The Canadian-French Cultural Federation calls for concrete actions to develop the artistic and cultural sector of the Francophone minority.

In a press release dated August 25, I suggested work on two priorities. On the one hand, working on the health of organizations to strengthen the capabilities of the artistic and cultural ecosystem, and on the other hand, building a Francophone cultural identity by focusing on education and culture.

union asks Increasing investment in French language arts education and supporting cultural and artistic activities in schools, particularly by promoting the PassepART . programme.

PassepART is a microfinance program available to all francophone schools in a minority environment.

The goal of this program is to facilitate access to the arts in schools. The first three years were very successful. I think last year we served 90% of the French-speaking schools in the countrysays Nancy Juno.

This program allows young people to communicate with their language, to listen, to see, to listen, but also to be creativeconfirms the President of the Cultural Union.

Another La Rucher project in progress. It is a social innovation laboratory in education whose goal is to Addressing the shortage of art teachers in other Francophone schools in minority settings, cities and rural communitiesNancy Juno explains.

Not all schools have access to teachers, whether art-trained teachers or educational artists. »

Quote from Nancy Juno, President of the Franco-Canadian Cultural Federation

Art as a factor of concern of the world

The question of developing the arts in French for Francophone societies goes beyond simply observing access to the arts.

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For Nancy Juno, it is also about identity and social construction. A French speaking plastic artist who understands the world and his art from the way language shapes his brainshe believes.

The arts are an assimilation factor in Francophone minority communities, noted the interim director of the House of French Artists in Winnipeg, Le Anne Bordeaux.

I think having a place where people feel that this cultural identity is not only allowed, but encouraged, and also encouraged to be artist and passionate about French, is key to ensuring inclusion [dans une communauté]as you say.

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