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The battery is expensive, he’d rather blow up his Tesla

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A Tesla owner who needed to replace his car battery would rather blow it up than pay a huge amount to fix it.

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Thomas Katainen refused to pay the more than $22,000 needed to change his car battery. The Finn bought his used 2013 Model S about a year and a half ago.

CNN reported that the man thus called “bombmen,” YouTubers known for blowing things up.

And the Youtuber trio didn’t do things in half, even creating a model that looked like Elon Musk, the famous founder of Tesla.

Thomas Katainen himself had the privilege of detonating 66 pounds of dynamite that reduced his car to shreds.

A video of the explosion has gone viral on the Internet in the past few days, with netizens asking Elon Musk if he could give the man a new car.

Tesla did not respond to CNN interview requests.

The standard warranty for the car is eight years or 150,000 kilometers. However, it can be invalidated if the battery has been opened or repaired by someone not authorized by the manufacturer.

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