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The Beginning of the Thirteenth Perseides Festival

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The festival kicks off Tuesday with the premiere of Live Story, the story of a couple, which will hit theaters on August 27.

Co-star Marilyn Bastien, who is also a producer, and director Jean-Sebastien Lozo will be attending, his first feature film.

Live Story’s female star, Marilyn Bastien, who is also a producer, is directed by Jean-Sebastien Lozo. The film was shown for the first time at the festival.

Photo: Radio Canada/Margaret Morin

The screening will also be attended by the movie star, actor Sebastian Rijkaard.

The actor will also be able to comment on the next show, Le Club Vinland by Benoît Pilon, where he also plays the main role. An exercise that satisfies the actor, especially as it will be the first time he has seen the movie Benoît Pilon with the audience. I am very happy to be here. I love being in a room with people all looking at the same place at the same time and rocking together.

During the week, moviegoers will be able to see, among other things, the new film, Maria, Alec Pronovost’s film starring Marianna Mazza, who also co-wrote the film. Souterrain, directed by Sophie Dupuis, will premiere the opening film for Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois on Thursday. Les Percéides will also act as a nod to Cannes, with Annette, the latest musical work by Leos Carax and Été 85 by François Ozon.

Festival-goers will be invited to discover the works of the many directors whose short films will be shown on the program every evening.

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Several artisans in the seventh art from Quebec will also be present, including filmmakers Gasbet Cathy Bailey, Moss Marco Chabot or Quebecer André Gladeau who will lead a master class on Friday. The 13th edition will also, on Saturday, be the first day for film professionals under this theme Produced in the region.

The festival’s artistic director, François Cormier, is proud of the program his team has put in place. It is a mix of people who are experienced in preparing for the festival, as well as young people who are learning and sharing their energy. It’s really fun to see the joy spread through the arts centre.

Interview with François Cormier in front of the Arts Center in Bercy.

Festival director François Cormier salutes his team’s work.

Photo: Radio Canada/Margaret Morin

The festival continues until Sunday.

The second part of the Les Percéides Festival will take place this fall, from September 21-26.

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