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The Best of Both Worlds by Stephanie Dubois

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London | Former player Stephanie Dubois is all about perfect happiness in England, where she settled with her family for a few years.

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Dubois ended her career in September 2014. She had just lost in the first round of the National Bank Cup in Quebec. Since that day, she has never regretted her career.

“Like all athletes, I needed a period of transition after my retirement, says Stephanie Dubois during a phone interview. During the early years, you are always more emotional when you attend matches.”

After several years, the inner flame became less powerful than before. On the other hand, interest in tennis is still very present. Furthermore, we met her at Wimbledon with her husband.

“I go back to Wimbledon regularly and see players I know. Looking back, when I look back at my career, I am proud of what I have accomplished. Few people can say they have played Wimbledon 10 times.”

On the other side of the fence

After her career, she studied at the Promédia School of Radio and Television to find a job in the media field. She got a job as a tennis analyst at BT Sport, one of the biggest broadcasters in England.

“I have always had an interest in this profession. My job at BT Sport allowed me to work in English right after my career, adds the one who belongs to Laval. It was a golden opportunity that opened the door for me to the WTA.”

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Several years ago, I worked as an analyst for the WTA platform. It is his voice that we hear all over the world during dozens of tournaments.

“You can hear me on TSN and ESPN during the matches,” Quebecer said. Some matches were also conducted in French for TVA Sports.

“On the other hand, I limit myself because my daughters are still young [cinq et deux ans]. I can’t do 30 now. When I can go to tournaments in person, I go. »

WTA studios are located in Leeds, a three hour flight from his home in Sevenoaks. She left her family for a few days before returning home at the end of the tournament.

faithful mother

Between tournaments, Dubois stays at home to care for his two daughters, Alicia and Annabelle. Also helps her husband, Oliver.

“I’ve always wanted to have a family. Having kids might change my life, but I find I have a good balance.

“When I’m here, I focus on the girls. When they grow up, I’d like to increase my trophies as a TV analyst.”

What would his reaction be if his daughters decided to follow in his footsteps in the next few years?

“Alicia has taken several classes and will start again soon. Annabelle is comfortable with the racket. I will cheer them on, no matter what sport they play. If it is tennis, it will be tennis.”


Canadian women’s tennis has had some big moments in recent years, thanks to outbreaks of Bianca Andreescu and Lila Fernandez’s disease.

“I’m a fan of both, Dubois’ analytics. Layla reached the US Open final and she’s been training hard. She takes the ball too early on the bounce. It’s compact.

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“Bianca is fun to watch. Injuries have slowed her down in recent years. She has a lot of potential.”

Echoes of Big Ben

Nice meeting with an old

In the press room, you can hold impromptu meetings. On Sunday, I had the opportunity to shake hands with Brandon Staley, the Los Angeles Chargers coach. Staley is obsessed with tennis. He is at Wimbledon with his wife for two days.

One city, three major events

Things are moving in England. In a few days, this country will have hosted Wimbledon, the Formula One Grand Prix at Silverstone (Carlos Sainz) and the Women’s Euro. must be done. Who says better?

between the ears

I was expecting fireworks during the Kyrgios vs Tsitsipas match. You have served well. At one point, tension was high between the players. Kyrgios managed to get to the head of Tsitsipas who deviated from his game plan. It’s that easy. When focusing on tennis, Kyrgios is totally the player.

precious journalists

Only a limited number of journalists can attend matches in the Central Court. Some veterans have the privilege of going there as they please. For others, there is a system of bracelets. During the highly sought-after games, a long queue appears around the media center reception.

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