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The British monarchy loses its feathers in English Canada

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The recent harrowing interview by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on American television has left its mark in English Canada: the British monarchy is less popular there, according to a new poll.

Not surprisingly, according to this weekend’s investigation by Léger and the Canadian Studies Association, Quebecers still aren’t fond of the foundation. When asked if it still holds its place in the 21st century, 71% of Quebec respondents answered in the affirmative.

Indeed, a similar survey conducted in early February after Governor-General Julie Payette’s resignation indicated the unpopularity of the Quebec monarchy.

However, in the rest of Canada, that popularity has fallen by seven percentage points between this February 8 poll and last weekend’s poll. They are now 47% outside Quebec to now judge the monarchy as an old institution.

And the couple’s confidence in hosting Oprah Winfrey is the reason, according to the pollster who interviewed 1,512 Canadians, of whom 405 were from Quebec. “This change is all happening in English Canada […] With the interview, “confirms Christian Burke, executive vice president of Leisure.

And now?

Outside of Quebec, 41% of Canadians are now willing to believe the racist British royal family. In Quebec, nearly half of the population (49%) believe this.

“I found it surprising that we quickly tend to condemn the British monarchy when all we have is one or two sentences to suggest it. It is as if many Canadians or Quebecers were saying to themselves ‘should’,” said Mr. Burke.

Moreover, if they had to choose a side, 66% of Quebecers and 56% of other Canadians are lining up behind Harry and Meghan rather than on the side of the British royal family.

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However, if more and more people no longer wanted the monarchy, Canadians, including Quebecers, would find it difficult to imagine another system. They do not seem to be attracted to the republic […] So they say: “Parliament as it is,” the pollster noted.

Get rid of the monarchy, but keep the parliamentary system intact, with a prime minister leading the country: this scenario has the support of 51% of Quebecers and 32% of Canadians from the other provinces. The prospect of a republic with an elected president at its head smiles only 18% of Quebecers and 15% of other Canadians.

This survey, which is conducted online like the one that preceded it, does not allow calculation of the margin of error, as the sample is not a probability.

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