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The Canadian: Successful comeback for Andrew Hammond

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When he stopped Brock Nelson to confirm the Canadian’s win, Andrew Hammond looked at his teammates and modestly raised his fist. Sober celebration on the image of the man is.

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At first glance, this victory doesn’t seem to hold much meaning, other than the fact that it allowed the Habs to hold on to, at last, two victories this season.

However, for the 34-year-old porter, it meant the comeback success he had been waiting for for four years.

Additionally, this was his first regular season win since April 9, 2016 (he won a serial match in April 2018). six years ! And he, in professional sports, is immortal. Furthermore, it is the eighth longest gap between two victories since 1943-1944.

“I’d be lying if I said I felt like I was in any other game. But it was getting close. From the start, I felt great,” said Hammond, the author of 30 saves. I’ve been here for a week. I’ve had a few good training sessions that have allowed me to gain confidence. »

big stop

Confidence seems to have passed on to his teammates. On several occasions in recent weeks, we have felt the Canadian players hesitating against Kayden Primo and Samuel Montembolt because of their fear of seeing their mistakes turn into a goal.

“He played a full game, Ben Shearoot admitted, after missing two games. He made some big balls, and he played the ball well. I am really happy for him.”

“It was a big moment for him. It shows he has a lot of character. It’s really great that he was able to come back,” said Rem Petlake.

The goalkeeper, in the green uniform, was powerful in the penalty shootout, yielding only to Anthony Bouvier, the first opponent to advance towards him.

“Allowing a goal in a penalty shootout is no different than a match. You have to forget about that and focus on the next shot. You have to keep trying to give your teammates a chance to win,” said Hammond, who held out against Matthew Berzal.

Pride and pleasure

This opportunity, Montreal seized upon when Petlik, at the first attempt of his career, beat Ilya Sorokin to score what would prove, a few moments later, the goal that changed everything.

“It feels great. I’m so grateful to be here. I don’t speak French, but this quote, passing the torch, brings a huge sense of pride. Even though I know this season isn’t going to go the way we’d like it to,” said Petlake.

Obviously, it would take more than two wins to see the real pass of the torch, but if the atmosphere was less heavy, it would be at least a win.

“Sometimes it just takes a small change of scenery to create a spark. Now, the guys are excited and we are having fun,” the striker said.

^ Andrew Hammond became 5And the The goalkeeper used by the CH team this season, which is the peak it has reached for the fifth time in its history (for the first time since 2015-2016). So far, forty players have worn the three-color uniform, six players less than the record set in 2000-2001.

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