The Cantonese team escapes the final in overtime

It only took 40 seconds of overtime to give Jack Martin a 5-4 victory for his team. However, a few minutes earlier, Cantoners captain Eli Bailergon threw a cold shower at the Monktonians, scoring twice in 16 seconds to tie the game late in the game.

It was a big match and a big comeback for Cantonier in the last two minutes of play Eli Bailergon, what he did a lot. Then, that the match was decided in overtime, three against three, let’s say that got people talking a little bit yesterday. It’s a new resolution this year from Hockey Canada, I don’t know if it will lastThe team’s public relations officer, Robert Legault, confirmed.

After seven matches in as many days, Stephane Rubidas’ side left the track on Sunday with the feeling that they had given everything.

The men gave their all. Seven matches in seven days is okay, no matter the age of the participants. These guys have been training since last Augustadded advertising.

They went up as usual, but more so because they wanted to bring this trophy back to Quebec. »

Quote from Robert Legault, Public Relations Officer, Cantoniers de Magog

The fact remains that players had a hard time smiling after the match, those who came close to achieving their ultimate goal.

The mines were really low, you can see them on TV. On the other side, we saw scenes of jubilation. Goalkeeper Louis Felix Charroua, who was in front of the goal, allowed this goal in the 40th minute.And A second of extra time, it was unbearable. On the other hand, players can come back here with their heads held high. Being the second best U18 AAA hockey team in the country is no small feat, when you consider there were nearly 150 teams at the start of the season.

The result is certainly truly heartbreaking. »

Quote from Robert Legault, Public Relations Officer, Cantoniers de Magog

The AAA U18 Quebec Hockey Development League, Cantonese will parade with the Quebec Champions Banner in the streets of Magog on Saturday 11 June.

firm structure

It was Cantonier’s third appearance in the Telus Cup on numerous occasions. This means that the team is running three tournaments in Quebec in a row. According to Robert Legault, these successes are proof that Magog has one of the best hockey development structures in the country.

The hockey structure here at Estree is the envy of many with the M18 AAA Quebec Hockey Development League. […] The synergy between the Cantonaires and other areas of development, whether in Sherbrooke, Granby or Boa Franks, shows that there is good work being done at the base.

We have to tip our hats to all of the coaching staff, but also to all the players who are into a particular mould. »

Quote from Robert Legault, Public Relations Officer, Cantoniers de Magog

Expectations will be the same next year for the organisation, which is still dreaming of bringing the Telus Cup home.

There are many players who have the potential to return with Cantonier next year. […] If we have a healthy team, I can tell you that we still have great moments to give to hockey fans in the area. Our job of course is to develop the players, so I’m sure we’ll continue to do well next year.concluded the publicity.

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