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The carriers of here for foreigners are packed by IGA

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Truck drivers in Quebec, who have been transporting fruit and vegetables for IGA for decades, say they have been crushed by companies outside Quebec in recent months.

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“We have devoted ourselves body and soul for 35 years. Our employees are all Quebecers. I find it hard to understand that the Sobeys are abandoning us for the sake of Ontarians and Americans,” regrets Jean-Claude Fortin, owner of JE Fortin.

In recent months, Quebec carriers that transported Quebec fruits and vegetables to the United States and then brought American produce here for Sobeys said the giant had “packaged” them.

“Americans like JB Hunt Logistics and companies operating in Ontario like The Harman Group have won contracts,” says Jean-Claude Fortin, president of the Canadian Truck Alliance (CCA).

As a result, grapes, peaches, peaches, bananas, pineapples and apples are increasingly being picked up by carriers outside of Quebec, according to her.

“You will chime in with losses estimated at two million dollars,” goes so far as to say Jean-Claude Fortin, angrily.

From heroes to zeros

Like him, he denounced senior presidents magazine Yesterday, on condition of anonymity, an online submission system would have hurt them.

“They make a living with Quebeckers and cheer less and less Quebeckers,” one of them sighed, preferring to keep his name silent to avoid offending the Sobeys.

“During the pandemic, we were champions, and now we’re down to zero,” added another who agreed to speak on the same terms.

We are losing millions of dollars. He added excitedly.

In recent years, Sobeys has already transferred a major transfer contract from Groupe Robert in Quebec to Day & Ross in New Brunswick, a subsidiary of the Toronto giant McCain.

Yesterday, IGA’s parent company, Sobeys, confirmed that there had indeed been “changes” within the organization with the carriers.

“The majority come from Canada and the Maritimes, from Ontario, for the fruit and vegetable stage,” said company spokeswoman Anne-Helen Lavoie.

“For groceries, we go the same way, with national submission, and the majority of the carriers selected come from Quebec,” she said.

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Sobes defends himself

When asked if IGA drops truck drivers from here, she replied to the contrary that it is still well established in the county.

“Not at all. Anne-Helen Lavoie explains that they were the most picky in the grocery store. I have my inner driver.”

“During the period of Quebec products, everything is local. These are all airlines from Quebec that operate here.

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