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The Caufield Project is indeed a St-Louis success

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There is already the influence of Martin St. Louis. The structure is different. Attracts more existing players. The Fitness Trainer He appears to have reincarnated as Cole Caufield.

The most obvious influence is the young number 22. Confidence is key for all hockey players. More talented players. The Caufield project is indeed a huge success for St-Louis.

As far as the Jeff Petrie Project. I don’t really know what a file is Fitness Trainer But Petrie is like a defender who could have dreamed of the Norris Cup nomination 13 months ago…

It will be necessary to validate more than 20-25 matches. Let’s not be fooled.

Each change of coach gives a boost to the team during the season. But the numerous examples of the current campaign tend to show that the effect wears off after 15-20 games. nature hunting…

The Revitalized Canadian

In short, perhaps the best scenario is written before our eyes … CH renewed and revitalized. An exciting club with a few wins.

Young people on hand, happy in progress and productive. One Fitness Trainer that offer motivational and training Free for everyone at all of her press briefing. Demand for tickets against all odds.

And deal negotiations that will continue with that. Personnel transfers will slow the progress of the arrangement without hurting the progress of the unit that Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes want to build around.

In other words, everything is going well, thank you.

Vincent Le Cavalier became a first-class lobbyist in the CH. Martin St. Louis seems to love directing as much as he loves performing.

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The team offers worthy opposition, inspiring and stunning gameplay. The wind is good all of a sudden. Very well. Then Gorton Hughes’ husband faded behind Le Cavalier and St. Louis, two legends, strongmen and winners. It is a sign of intelligence.

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